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  1. Knife handles

    After holding the scalloped handled knife in the video I'm going to stick my neck out and say it's the nicest knife I've held. Well done sir great work. The only problem is I now covert a mates knife😅

    Remember to hold it sideways

    Yes but a shotgun doesn't look as cool.
  4. woohoo new webby

    Very petty
  5. Muntjac head worth measuring?

    Gold so I would say your in with a chance
  6. Sika Speed Gralloch

    Did he slow down for the video?😅
  7. Thoughts?

    They will naturally mix the gene pool up. I'm not judging ( I'm in no position to do that with the number I've shot 😬) And as for dropping it easily done I and friends have done that.
  8. Thoughts?

    Also try not to boil it quite so long if you want to keep the nose bones
  9. Thoughts?

    It's hard to tell from the pictures but I don't think it will make silver. Depending on your deer shooting aims for the ground sometimes it's good to leave very territorial bucks. ( Better to have one buck than multiple small ones) but I also find good bucks hold good territories and after a bit...
  10. Jeremy Vine lorry passing cyclists.

    The policeman on the bike strays out his lane in the last few seconds of the video with out looking or signalling
  11. Blocking

    Maybe he's not talking to you because you asked for his stalking that he wasn't doing 😅 or he's old and he's worried you have him in your cross hairs
  12. Can Fallow pressure cause reduced numbers of Roe?

    When the fallow numbers around here went up the roe numbers and quality went down but if you hit the fallow hard it's amazing how fast the roe numbers come back. One downside is when the fallow numbers go down the muntjac numbers go up very quickly as well.
  13. High seat grants

    And if you take grant money you have to show that you are achieving the goals and do deer impact surveys and a cull plans.
  14. High seat grants

    I guess the first thing you have to do is find out if your ground is in the Countryside Higher Tier Stewardship. And my understanding is if a percentage of the ground is the seat must be in that wood not in the fields.
  15. High seat grants

    Alot of tax payers money is spent on environmental improvement schemes. So if deer are the cause of damage to SSSI woodland why shouldn't you claim money? I think farmers single farm payments are going in the environment improvement direction.
  16. High seat grants

    Just to let you know. You can get help with highseat cost through woodland higher tier payment scheme. And it's also looking like you can claim money per hectare for deer and squirrel control in the same scheme soon.
  17. Cast Antlers

    I've seen a few old boys that have cast already and I shot one and I could snap the antler of with my hands
  18. Getting started with reloading

    You could always go on YouTube and watch reloading with Rosie 😉. Just to learn the basics of reloading obviously
  19. Roe Genetics

    I stopped the if I don't shoot it next door will a long time ago. Option 1. I see 10 good improving bucks and shoot the lot before nextdoor. Option 2. I shoot 2 and nextdoor shoots 4 and you hope 4 might live for another day. Obviously you can't do this on a postage stamp but it's better than...
  20. Nasty tumours or can anyone provide a better diagnosis

    Just shoot it as soon as possible