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  1. Pulsar c50

    Are people using the sum mode or not?
  2. Deer/carcass tags

    Have the owners of this site thought about designing and sell them? 1. You have a large group of people that need them. 2. Small and easy to post. 3. Should be easy to design a good tag 4. You can put your logo on them for advertising. ( We all know how nosey stalkers are at the game dealers...
  3. Fencing

    What's your thoughts gripples or crimps?
  4. Countryfile lead

    I might not like it but we need to stop using lead and fast or it will be used as a stick to beat us.
  5. Sold: Trail boss

    1x tub of trail boss powder £35 (Unopened) Collection only in the Salisbury / Romsey area
  6. Fallow rut

    I heard my first buck grunting yesterday. Great to hear it again.
  7. Sold: Perazzi service kit

    Perazzi service kit £100 including p&p
  8. Perazzi kit

    Does anyone know exactly what this kit is and what model perazzi it goes with?
  9. BBC roe buck

    Did anyone else think that the bit of film about wildlife on the news this morning showed a peruke roe buck stood under a tree.
  10. Pard 007

    I know it's probably been asked a few times but 12mm or 16mm what are people using? And are the new models better with tracking as in if you scan with it is the image smooth or a bit stop startie. The old models my only dislike was the image not being Smooth when you scan which was annoying.
  11. Lead free bullets

    Are all lead free rifle bullets solid copper? Or do some have cores made of softer metal? Example bismuth
  12. Krylon spray paint

    Have any of you tried this spray paint?
  13. Zeiss phone number

    Has anyone got the Zeiss phone number? I want to send away my diavari scope for a service
  14. Sika calling

    Has anyone tried to use a fox pro call to call in a sika?
  15. Sold: Lee crimp die

    Lee factory crimp die 243 Winchester £5 plus postage
  16. For Sale: 6.5 mm vld bullets

    3 boxes of Berger vld target 6.5mm 140 grain bullets. £35 per box plus postage I got a quote for postage from the post office £3 second class or £5 first class ( Note they have been moly coated) ( First box sold gets the box with 105 in)
  17. Clivertons

    Clivertons Does anyone use them for stalking insurance? If you do how do you rate them?
  18. Split fencing

    I know you can split chestnut for fencing. But the question I'm putting out there is there any other trees that split and make good fencing and will last and not rot off straight away?
  19. Fallow doe

    How bad does a doe have to be in your opinions to justify culling it and it's fawn out of season. Because I was watching a doe last night that would not put any weight on its front leg. I chose to leave it because I believe the doe can feed its self and fawn. The next question is if you choose...
  20. Lead free bullets

    Are any of you guys tried lead free bullets on deer if so what's your thoughts?