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  1. Wanted: Bergara folding seat.

    I want to buy one of the above. I can collect from near Shropshire
  2. Trouble seeing Pale Green.

    Hi, My old eyes are finding it hard seeing the Pale green text on the Site. You changed to some time ago, and it was OK before. Any chance of making it Bolder ?
  3. Lyman 1200 DPS 3 Powder measure.

    Hi, You probably all know this already, but it's the first time I have come accross it. I have recently started using IMR 4350 powder, because I am using heavier bullets than before. I was trying to weigh out 47 gns, but kept getting way over, up to 49 gns. sometimes. I put every fourth panfull...
  4. Bore/Calibre

    Hi, Can someone who really knows give us the details of the above. I understood that if you take a rod of steel, and bore a hole through it, that dimension is the bore. Then if you use a rifling tool and cut grouves in the bore, the dimension from grouve to grouve is the calibre. If this is...
  5. New Member from Shropshire

    Hi Everyone, I've been a reader of the SD Forums for some time, and thought it was about time to get involved. I now live in the Shropshire/Powys borders, but I do travel a lot for my sport. I have used a shotgun since I was a child, as I've been farming most of my life. I started Deer...