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  1. Sold: Spotting scope

    Hertel & Reuss 3 draw scope nice and tight clear glass in leather case 25x60x60 £80 p&p
  2. Sold: Kuiu and Harkila

    Kuiu mid layer jacket xxl worn a couple of times as new no Wear or tears £130 Harkila pro hunter x trousers worn a couple of times as new no wear or tears 36 waist 31 leg £140 trousers now sold
  3. Delima Sako v Mauser

    Gents Im looking to get another .243 opinions on sako A7 or mauser M12 whats the pros and cons im liking the mauser. This would be for stalking only. Cheers Alan
  4. Help Lost Roe

    I have just got in from stalking this evening,with a good mate of mine,I was on one part of the estate and he was on another part. He gave me phone to say he had shot a beast that had a good report and it had ran up a tramline and into a spinnie. I arrived 10 minutes later with the dog but I...
  5. Factory 30.06 ammo

    Anybody know how stocks factory 30.06 in the Lothians.
  6. Level 2 Completed

    Just a quick post on the organizations and people who helped me complete my Level 1 and Level 2 Done my Level 1 a couple of years back with Greenlee Jon Snowdon cracken set up and a genuine guy for taking you through the coarse,and the legendary Andreas cooking!
  7. Bino Strap

    Guys Does anybody know if Leica do a longer neo strap,my one seems to be a bit on the short side, and before anybody says it,its not just because iv got a fat head and a big neck:rofl: Thanks V
  8. Roe Buck

    Shot this fella last night stalked in from about 500yds got about half way and stoped at a gait,he was working his way straight to me. Got myself cumfy on the sticks,he came into 40yds had to give him a whistle up came the head, had to shoot him through the neck was standing straight on. That is...
  9. Poorly Roe

    Shot a roe buck last night that i hadnt seen before, he looked in body to be fine but when walking he was limping.Anyway shot him went over to look at him on first glance he had very long hoves on all four legs (have seen this before on this land ) looked in side his mouth only two teeth on...
  10. What Jacket

    Gents i am looking to purchase a new jacket and narrowed it down to 2 just cant make my mind up would like some off your thoughts. Nomad Stealth Tweed Hooded Smock SwedTeam Kenton Parka HWG Thanks Alan
  11. Newbie

    Hi all Just thought i would join the forum been lurking in the back ground for some time.Ive been shooting for about 35 years and stalking for 20years.