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  1. Sold: Spotting scope

  2. Sold: Kuiu and Harkila

    Bump on Kuiu jacket
  3. Sold: Spotting scope

    Hertel & Reuss 3 draw scope nice and tight clear glass in leather case 25x60x60 £80 p&p
  4. Sold: Kuiu and Harkila

    Kuiu mid layer jacket xxl worn a couple of times as new no Wear or tears £130 Harkila pro hunter x trousers worn a couple of times as new no wear or tears 36 waist 31 leg £140 trousers now sold
  5. Sold: CabBox Dogbox - Made to measure for Suzuki Jimny

    Roger i am at big hats fri and sat gaji
  6. Sold: CabBox Dogbox - Made to measure for Suzuki Jimny

    Gaji i might take this will phone you in morning
  7. recommend non waterproof trousers

    Rovince for spring /summer good option
  8. What ammo are we all useing list?

    .243 80gf Federal fox & roe 30.06 150gr Federal fusion red & roe
  9. How long are Fettes taking to do variations?

    Handed mine into fettes one for one,but it was dealt with at Glenrothes it was done in under 2 weeks.
  10. Hermaphroditism

    Shot one in East Lothian and seen another one on the same land but didnt shoot it.
  11. Delima Sako v Mauser

    The M12 impact has a stainless barrel i think so no rust,and with having a few other rifles i want shoot it out either,cant really go wrong with that for the money,and spend on good glass too top it off.
  12. Delima Sako v Mauser

    Thanks lads i think the sako A7 mag is a bit crappy made the mauser M12 just looks and feels so much better,the 85 is a cracking rifle but a lot more money.
  13. Delima Sako v Mauser

    Gents Im looking to get another .243 opinions on sako A7 or mauser M12 whats the pros and cons im liking the mauser. This would be for stalking only. Cheers Alan
  14. For Sale: Rovince Ergoline Anti Tick Trousers

    Thanks Rob trousers arrived the day many thanks, in stock and quick delivery :tiphat:
  15. Tikka M595 scope mounts

    Must have been in stock fella,didn't have any when I phoned them and was told 4-6 weeks.
  16. Tikka M595 scope mounts

    4/6 for delivery for 0 MOA for tikka 595 from Tier -one there like rocking horse *****
  17. Prize Draw Winners Outing On Boar and Goat

    Good darts gaj
  18. Light weight summer stalking boots

    Diotto woodcock if you can find them worth a look.
  19. Be rude not to. :)

  20. Be rude not to. :)

    Well done gaj looks to have been in good nick