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  1. .243 question and lead free

    I am looking for a new R8 barrel when my renewal comes up. I’m after a dual purpose fox and deer calibre. Would it be unwise to spend out on a new .243 with possible future issues with lead free? Or am I over thinking this?! I Was thinking of 6.5 creed or 6.5x55 because of the lead factor 🤔...
  2. Creedmore/Swede

    I’m not looking at an argument for which is best, but purely if I wasn’t going to get into the lengths Of reloading, which has the most factory ammunition available? Or better factory options? I’m thinking of an additional barrel for an R8. Thank you
  3. Ammunition Sussex

    I’m not sure if the best section to put in, but any recommendations for Ammunition in Sussex? Rakers are currently closed in lockdown. Thank you.
  4. .222 lead free ammunition

    Is there any lead free factory ammunition available.. as opposed to hand loads? Thanks
  5. Delay on certificate return

    I had my firearms removed as a precaution to a situation triggered by my ex partner. This has thankfully been resolved through the courts, justice prevailed, and I can have my firearms rightfully returned. I had a face to face meeting with my FLO who said he would be sending forward a memo to...
  6. Additional Blaser Barrel

    I’m deciding on another Barrel for a Blaser R8. I currently have it in .308. I’ve had other barrels before in an R93. I like the 6.5 x 55, enjoy shooting it more than the .308. Some might say they might be too close? I also have a separate .222 ( tikka) for foxing. I’ve also thought about the...
  7. What breed

    I’m not that familiar with dogs for deer. But one day I’d like a small dog to take out with me, and also a house companion. Also a breed that are good around young children?? Any ideas welcome. Thank you.
  8. For Sale: Loden Friedl Ruck sack unused

    Bought at the Dortmund show, never used, unnecessary purchase😊. 60 x 60 cm. They are 190 Euro at I will post out for £120. Rifle slip/cover also at £20.
  9. Sold: Leica HDB Range finding binoculars

    Leica 8 x42 good condition binoculars, no lense scratches or body work damage. genuine reason for sale. Looking for £1150 posted. Please see pics or PM for details, thank you.
  10. Sold: Harkila Pro hunter Trousers EU 56

    Used pro hunter trousers, good condition, no rips/ tears. EU 56 which is a 38 inch waist. £125 posted. Thanks.
  11. Sold: Swazi Kagoule XL

    It’s raining again! I have a brand new with tags Swazi Kagoule XL. See pics. £300 plus £5 postage please.
  12. Wanted: Driven boar scope

    On the look out for low power scope or aimpoint/ similar for forth coming trip. 30mm tube. Thanks
  13. Jackets.

    I’m looking down the army surplus goretex route for a stalking/ farm coat. Just seems the top brands are getting to such crazy prices. There’s quite a lot out there, militarily stuff, anyone have any suggestions? Ideally I’d like plain green.? Thanks.
  14. .308 Factory rounds.

    just wondering what people are using in their .308s, mainly for fallow? More interested in performance as I know Acurracy is dependant on individual rifles. I’ve been using 165gecko express, and the Hornady superformance 150gr. Thanks
  15. 6.5 creedmoor

    Hi. Thinking of getting another 6.5 x55 barrel for my R8. But I notice they now do some of these “newer” Calibres in the R8, like the 6.5 creedmoor, 6.5x47. Is it worth a look at these, is there any significant advantage over the swede? Thanks.
  16. Centre fire noise.

    I purchased a .222 a while back, with moderator. I was after something possibly a bit quieter for foxing around smaller properties and horse paddocks. It does appear quieter than my .243 but I was just wondering if there really is much difference? I mean there’s still going to be a “crack” from...
  17. Boot choice

    I’ve been looking at the military leather lace boots, seem good value? Can’t decide between the Haix or the Altberg? Any experiences welcome
  18. Jagd And HUnd Dortmund.

    I will be there this Saturday 3rd, if anyone fancies a Jagermeister!!
  19. .308 Bullets for muntjac

    Hi. With a few muntjac starting to appear on my ground I’m after suggestions for suitable .308 Bullets. Something a bit harder I guess??
  20. Blaser Barrel.

    I bought an R8 a while back in .308. Which is fine. I also have a .222 tikka just for foxing. So all very simple at the moment. One for deer and boar, one for fox. Now this is probably a want more than a need but I have an inkling for another calibre/barrel for my blaser?! Anything I could add...