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  1. Noronna

    Has anyone used any of the noronna kit? Was wondering about the trousers and if they could in fact be waterproof - unlike any others that I have wasted money on so far........
  2. 25-06 owners - anyone thought they were under gunned on big reds?

    It seems very effective on roe and fallow etc. I know it's all about shot placement etc - but is it optimal for the larger reds?
  3. Bicester area

    Can someone help - I am doing a bit of stalking near Bicester. Not that often but am aware that I don't know anyone with a deer dog, in the area. It would be great to have a number of a couple of people in case of emergency. I would be very happy to pay for time if it's necessary. Any help...
  4. Hornady superperformance

    Has anyone used the hornady superperformance in either 308 or 2506? They seem fairly good value in 25-06 at £27 a box when most other factory ammo seems fairly expensive.
  5. Nightforce scopes

    Nightforce - they seem to get a very mixed reviews in terms of low light capability but there are a few deals about at the moment. I am looking for a good quality all round stalking scope, mostly roe but some red - for a 25-06. and was thinking of either nightforce 3.5x15, khales or buying...
  6. intro

    hello from hampshire - just starting on roe deer. Does anyone know a shop in the south that sells 125gr .308?