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  1. Wanted: no 4 wood needed

    Hi a friend of mine is after a set of wood for a no4 Enfield. Has anybody got any or know of any for sale? Thanks
  2. Wanted: Browning Buckmark LBP

    I like the Buckmark, I find mine shoots better than me. Have a bump on me and good luck with the search
  3. Wanted: BSA MK2 foresight

    sorted now thanks

    Hi has anybody got a but pad kicking around they dont need any more? Thanks
  5. Wanted: BSA MK2 foresight

    a friend is looking for a foresight for the above rifle, what have you got? Thanks
  6. access to vauxhall dianostic software

    Hi has anybody access to OP-Com 2012 or similar software, as I would like my trip computer turned on in my car Thanks
  7. Hello from Essex

    Hi and welcome
  8. H4H Running Deer & Running Boar shoot 2018

    thank you to all who made a great day possible
  9. Birthday muntjac

    well done an excellent write up. You will find you are hooked for life now.
  10. H4H Running Deer & Running Boar shoot 2018

    looking forward to this years event, all I need to do now is load up some ammo
  11. new/old guy.

    Hi and welcome
  12. Hi from ESSEX

    Hi and welcome from another Essex lad
  13. info on .243 Nosler 90 grain spitzer load

    Hi guys I will be using 40.5 grains of RL22 with an OAL of 2.675" as a starting load, going up in 0.3 grains. Has anybody used this combo and what did you find worked for you. I will still work up a load but dont want to miss a node. Thanks
  14. British Shooting Show. Who's going?

    a mate and myself are going on friday
  15. Essex Police FAC & Shotgun Application

    they turned my last variation round in less than 2 weeks, which for them is excellent
  16. DSC1 Wording on Questions

    when i did my DSC1 the run through was harder that the real test.
  17. Happy Hunter - Essex

    Hi HappyHunter and welcome. I found the DSC 1 fun and enjoyable, and its never too late to learn.
  18. Hello from Essex

    Hi and welcome, find a gun that fits you and you are comfortable with, then worry about the caliber.
  19. From Colchester .Think

    welcome to the site from another Essex member