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  1. Great morning stalk with the BMHs

    Had a great stalk this morning. Took both dog and bitch out this morning for a walk before the litter of pups come. Got a great track on a shot deer which ran. Could have been searching for hours to find it but the BMH took me straight to it which fell into a ditch. Would be lost without them...
  2. To stainless or not to stainless

    Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing a a new 243. Would you guys recommend going for a stainless steel barrel? Does it have many advantages?
  3. Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50 IR Rifle Scope

    Anyone had any experience with the Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50 IR Rifle Scope. Am thinking of getting one for a 243 Ruger.
  4. N.Ireland meet

    Many people on the forum from N.Ireland?
  5. neville black

    Hi, from Co Armagh, N Ireland. I have been involved in Country sports for about 38 years , give or take. My main Interests are (1) Stalking, which I have been doing for 25 years, I am the holder of Level 1 and 2 DSC, and a level 2 assessor . I also am very keen on Dogs for Deer, and own 2...