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  1. Seen on the last few day's dog walks

    I can see four roe deer, (two bums, one side view and one head on). Calum
  2. Your Avatar or Handle

    Mine is quite simple. It's my Christian name spelt backwards. Calum
  3. Goldfinches

    There are plenty on the sunflower hearts here in Edinburgh this year again. The photo was taken last year. Calum
  4. For Sale: Z aim rifle sling new

    So I'll take one. Thanks. Calum
  5. Colourblind

    I'm red/green colour blind. I have difficulty in seeing small drops of blood and sometimes also spotting deer if it's only a small part of the animal which is showing but really depends on the type of cover it's in. Doesn't stop me picking up movement which is were most success comes from. Calum
  6. How it shouldn't be done!

    Definitely how it should not be done. Totally unacceptable to leave an animal suffering for the sake of a camera shot. Calum
  7. canvas print companies

    I used which I found good and very cheap with their special offers. Calum
  8. Trouble with e-bay item.

    Post a complaint in the eBay Resolution Centre which at least gets your issue officially recorded in the eBay system. Calum
  9. Making Lamping vehicle remote controlled

    Wait for the new Discovery as apparently you can control it remotely using an app on a tablet! Calum
  10. Bank Accounts for Shooting/Hunting companies

    The Lothian & Borders Rifle Club use Bank of Scotland but as a club it may be treated differently than a business. Calum
  11. Gold Finch on feeder

    It was sunflower hearts in the feeder in my photo. Calum
  12. Colour vision.

    I'm red/green colour blind and do have difficulty in some instances. The main one is with a deer in heavy vegetation facing me and standing still. If i can catch a glimpse of the rump or a bit of movement then I have a better chance of picking them up. It just means I have to take time to really...
  13. Where have all the deer gone??

    Roe are probably resting up after the rut.
  14. EU - Will we stay or will we go?

    Personally I don't understand why the snp think it is better to be part of the EU as a stand alone country when we would be a very very small fish in a very large pond against being part of a union where we have at least some leverage. Surely if the target is independence then it should also...
  15. Gold Finch on feeder

    Taken with my camera phone shooting thru a big spotting scope. Calum
  16. Blunt knives

    I had a frost knife I couldn't get an edge on but solved the problem with a Spyderco sharpening system. This allows you to sharpen the edge at two different degrees which basically allows you to reshape the edge then bring it back to its original shape which solved the problem. Calum
  17. Mating bumble bee queen

    I thought this was a late summer activity. Maybe they are trying to tell us something.
  18. Hedge Spaniel

    You wouldn't have thought so but every time she sees or smells a song bird in the hedge she is back up there trying to find them. Crazy dog!!!
  19. Hedge Spaniel

    Looking after two spaniels for a friend for a couple of weeks. The youngest one decided she would have a better view of the garden from a strange vantage point....
  20. Dedito Boots

    Saw these at the Scottish Game Fair and thought they would be a good buy. Anyone got a pair and found them to be reliable? Dedito Shootingwear Shooting and outside gear