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  1. Homemade deer plaque

    Could always try something like i have done. Different way of mounting than on the wall.
  2. Lead free alternatives Poll

    If possible comment calibre in which you are using the bullet. Also any good or bad experiences of them. Add any others i may have missed.
  3. For Sale: .243 brass

  4. Do I need new rings?

  5. Wanted: Swarovski z6i 3-18x50 bt gen 2

    Is one for sale on here.
  6. High seat plans Wee video in that thread
  7. Sold: Swarovski z4i 2.5-10x56

    Sold pending payment.
  8. Sold: Swarovski z4i 2.5-10x56

    Bump £875
  9. Wulf 4k

    Yes you are correct in your theory
  10. Sold: Swarovski z4i 2.5-10x56

    Postage now included.
  11. Sold: Swarovski z4i 2.5-10x56

  12. Sold: Swarovski z4i 2.5-10x56

    Here i have for sale my Swaro z4i. 2.5-10x56 Purchased in 2015 and owned since. Comes with original box with some accessories (Sorry lost the bikini covers.) Illuminated 4ai reticle. Great condition. £900 Can come with objective swarovski cover for an extra £50.
  13. Wanted: Swarovski Z6i 2-12x50, 1,7-10x42 or driven hunt scope

    I have a z4i 2.5-10x56 for sale if you are interested. Give me a pm
  14. Sold: Swarovski Z6i 5-30x50 gen 2

    If only this had BT
  15. Sold: Swarovski z6i 3-18x50 bt gen 2

    Pm sent
  16. .308 and barnes ttsx

    I had a play with some test loads with N135 this week and found a consistent speed. Group wasnt bad so will tweak the seating depth now and look for improvements
  17. Swap: Swarovski Z6i 2.5-15x56 BT

    @Ryan24365c would you consider selling instead of px?
  18. Wanted: Swarovski Z4I 3-12

    Could have a z4i 2.5-10x56 if of any interest?
  19. Sold: Zeiss V8 2.8-20x56 ASV Like new

    Pm sent
  20. Teckels - The Good, the bad and the ugly

    In what way do you mean sensitive?