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  1. Wanted: Sika Stags

    Looking for Sika stag stalking between 27th & 28th September for 3 guns in Scotland, taking 1 stag each. PM me with availability
  2. For Sale: Blaser R8 300 Winchester Magnum Barrel

    Selling my R8 300WM barrel as no longer required, shot count is no more than 100 rounds. Comes with magazine insert. £850 plus RFD transfer No offers
  3. 375 H&H Ammo

    Dose anyone know where I could get factory 375 H&H ammunition??
  4. 300 win mag ammunition

    Hi, Anyone know who stocks a good selection of 300 win mag ammo in the uk?? Cheers Laird86
  5. plus 4's

    Hi, Can tweed plus 4's be altered in the waste? I made a c**t of the measurements. Cheers Laird86
  6. Getting velocity out my .270

    I am having problems getting good velocity out my .270 when loading, roughly getting 400fps short of book, I have a sako 85 with a 20inch barrel, I have tried h4350 and N160 anyone have any suggestions? Cheers Kris
  7. Re Loading .270

    Hi, I have been thinking about re loading for my .270, I shoot Norma 140gr nosler at the moment and have no problems everything I shoot drops, A few people I speak to keep asking me why I don’t home load. I just want to hear from the more experience guys on here if I will gain any benefits...
  8. Hi from lochgilphead, Argyll

    Hi all, I shoot mostly sika with the odd red, shoot .270 for the deer and 22-250 and 17hmr for the rest, Happy new year Kris