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  1. new boots.

    I've been really impressed with my Bestards - totally waterproof and cosy not to mention comfortable. They're not too heavy for hiking about in all day either. Only downside is the suede type finish but I've nickwaxed that and theyy've never let me down.
  2. Easy clean kennels

    I'm on the hunt for a reasonably priced low maintenance and easy clean kennel. I've found this one which is exactly the right size but is expensive enough to make me build my own out of stockboard or tuffnell. Does anyone know of any...

    Fleebay sometimes has a few up for auction and they seem to go for reasonable money. May be worth a few quids investment for a greater return once the sticks are made?
  4. Chiller unit for larder

    A friend is building a larder for our deer carcasses and we're looking for a chiller unit which is capable of keeping the larder cool. It would need to be single phase (240V) and the larder won't be massive - probably 1.5m square or so (he's the builder so not sure what exact dimensions he has...
  5. BDS

    Even if you look at membership at it's most basic - you get insurance and a few magazines a year out of it. I've also been on range days and displays run by the BDS so I think you get a pretty reasonable return for your membership.
  6. September Doe with kid

    Hi Roebuck Nothing too fancy - a Canon G9 with it's standard lense. I had stalked pretty close to them so I didn't have to zoom and cropped the pic slightly to make the deer more prominent.
  7. Zeiss 8x40 BT - anyone used?

    Narrowed down my search to two pairs of bins and was wondering if anyone has practical experience of the Zeiss Conquest 8x40 BT? My other choice is the Swaro 8x30SLC New - the old version of which I've used and like. These are the bins of choice with the stalkers I've been out with on the...
  8. September Doe with kid

    Was adding a few pics from a while back to my photobucket account and found this...
  9. Tanning gone wrong - can it be saved?

    Bugger, thanks for the advice - suppose I'd better leave it for fear of making it worse. Although it's not the soft rug I had hoped for I can, at least, mount it on a wall or something. I put it down to the over aggressive fleshing in the first instance.
  10. blackcock

    Lovely birds Have only seen the one 'live' lek near Comrie which was a fantastic sight and one i'll remember.
  11. Tanning gone wrong - can it be saved?

    I had a nice winter doe skin which I decided to tan. I was possibly a little over enthusiastic with the fleshing around the edges and as I went through the process (using the K tan kit) everything seemed fine until drying. I've been left with a hide which is very dry and chamois like around the...
  12. Hello folks

    Hi everyone I've lurked here for a little while and finally got round to registering. I've been stalking for just over a year so will have plenty of newbie questions to grill you on ;) Cheers Dunc