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  1. 14 years old does he need a licence

    ok my son I think I hope is going to start coming more often with me stalking . I would like hime to harvest his first deer asap as he has been with me when I have shot deer and he believes he is ready. to stay 100%within the law does anyone know what is required .can he shoot my rifle as an...
  2. my lovely wife holding my sausage

    a great day with family and friends making burgers and sausages from last weeks bucks. burgers venison and junper sausages sweet chilli. wild garlic and herb.basil and sundried tomato. and black pudding.
  3. first bucks for 2015

    well the bbc weather foecast for the weekend in castle douglas area was horrific including sleet and long periods of rain I was gutted and thinking of not going up to our ground . myself and gelert decided we will go and choose our moments.we arrived at the gates at 4pm it was cool but nice and...
  4. lymes desease

    does anybody know if you can get lymes from deer blood entering an open wound on your hand.or is it only passed through the tick .
  5. plenty of cod about

    I was talking to mate the other day who was telling me that the fishing was very goot at the moment. I haven't botherd fishing for a long time because of the lack of fish so not wanting to waste my time off work and a great opportunity to get my son off his xbox I gathered some rods and reels...
  6. ray mears

    7.30 just started itv
  7. remington 100gr pspcl

    hi I have inherited some 243 bullets Remington 100gr pspcl as far as I can see on world wide web they are a hunting bullet . anyone have any thoughts
  8. Wanted: urgent

    I need some help lads. my wife and 2 kids my brother his wife and 2 adult kids have after many years agreed to visit Scotland with me . the deal is if I can find somewhere nice and cosy not like some of my accomadation then its on so I need a cottage that sleeps 7-8 people with the chance to...
  9. staying logged in

    hi admin if I don't use the keyboard it keeps logging off how can I change this .
  10. 2 inch of back fat

    this was shot by a mate of mine . I have never seen this much fat on a deer before . any thoughts.
  11. preserving velevet

    can anyone help I have found some old threads on this but not very detailed. a mate has shot a nice fallow buck still in velvet .can anyone tell me how to preserve the velvet on the antler which does seem hard underneath.cheers
  12. the welsh boys go south

    myself and gelert hit road at 12 on wednesday and got to jims estate at about 6. a couple of mishaps that we wont go into stopped us from going for a stalk that evening so it was a couple of beers and we hit the sack.up next morning 4.30 we met jim in his place a cup of tea and we were off . on...
  13. whats the difererence

    can anyone tell me the difference between hodgson imr 4831 and h 4831 .
  14. sako a2

    I just wanted to thank jagar sa for making my old gruby sako forester look like new again . I took it up to kelso for him and its back in wales with me already.the picture does not do it justice he really has done a first class job on it , I have seen some other examples of cerakote but nowhere...
  15. bbc

    great program on bbc 2 now lads
  16. first buck of the season

    myself and a couple of mates made the journey to our ground last weekend and what a worth while journey it was. as soon as we arrived I was seeing deer after spooking a trio and spending some time filming a doe I was quite happy to put my feet up and plan tomorrows stalking.but buzz had other...
  17. roe cool box

    home made cooler ive used 70mm kingspan and 9mm of osb .just need to fiberglass the lid .I was thinking about cutting a 6inch hole in the lid and fitting a 12volt fan they are only£5 on ebay I think it would help circulate the cold air from my frozen water bottles.has anyone else made one of...
  18. hardy gen4

    after reading many opinions on the subject of moderators on this great site. I have made my mind up and wish to buy hardy gen4 popped to my local gun shop they had one but not 30 cal I asked if they could order one and was told it would take about 6-8 weeks from riflcraft as the earthquake in...
  19. Swap: a trip on the orient express

    last year i swaped some stalking for a golfing weekend . this time there is a choice of a weekend in dublin including ferry and hotel and food. or a round trip on the orient express with 5 course meal . or a overnight stay with food at castell deudraeth and free entry to port meirion in wales...
  20. the british shooting show

    does anyone know or have any recomendations for accomadation for the show in feb. i wouldent mind taking the cravan so any heads up on close camp sites would be good