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  1. Which Smock?

    Would you use it for woodland or hill - if you are not lying down in water, paramo is light waterproof and comfortable - forget it for hill stalking as it can't handle compression. Swazi seems fairly bombproof for the hill
  2. Nomad...

    Paramo brilliant - just don't lie down on wet ground in it. Good for woodland stalking but maybe not so much for the hill?
  3. Zeiss ballistic turrets, which ring to use ?

    If you can be bothered they will make you a ring for whatever ammo you use for 50 quid. Well they used to...
  4. Butler creek tactical scope covers

    Have you tried the bushwackers - cheap and they seem less prone to breaking.
  5. Thumbs up for Scott Country and Starlight Longbow.https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.

    probably a stupid question - but why is the Longbow better than the archer with a decent scope? is the longbow 'modified' so it works better with NV?
  6. S&B PMII or Swarovski Z6i BT

    The zeiss is v good. 6x24 fl with the ASV and for £50 they will send you a ring for any specific ammo you use.
  7. Noronna

    Thks - the noronna finnskogen seems similar in price to harkila over here. I can't find any bergans stockists.
  8. Noronna

    Thks. Much cheaper than noronna. If you don't get a tax hit when they come in.
  9. Noronna

    Thks for that will have a look. Are they overtrousers?
  10. Noronna

    Was thinking about swazi - can you get them in uk anywhere or import only?
  11. Noronna

    They are and to be honest I don't want to spend any more money on something that doesn't work. I tried harkila which are expensive and seem great for woodland etc but got very wet when hill stalking as they soaked through when crawling etc.
  12. Noronna

    Has anyone used any of the noronna kit? Was wondering about the trousers and if they could in fact be waterproof - unlike any others that I have wasted money on so far........
  13. 25-06 owners - anyone thought they were under gunned on big reds?

    Know what you mean by the shock on roe, meat damage doesn't seem that much worse so far. Thks for all the comments.
  14. 25-06 owners - anyone thought they were under gunned on big reds?

    Yup - looks big enough...... If you can use them on those things assume you can use it on anything in the uk. Thks!
  15. 25-06 owners - anyone thought they were under gunned on big reds?

    Hi - to be honest I have one and have never used it on reds. I have used 270, 308, 3006 and a 243 but found the 243 was killing them, but not quite as quickly as a 270. I was wondering if it would be similar with the 2506. I have found that for some reason it drops roe very quickly, but this...
  16. 25-06 owners - anyone thought they were under gunned on big reds?

    Thks - sort of assumed it would. Can't be that far off a 270 performance with the 117gr bullet?
  17. 25-06 owners - anyone thought they were under gunned on big reds?

    It seems very effective on roe and fallow etc. I know it's all about shot placement etc - but is it optimal for the larger reds?
  18. Bicester area

    Many thanks for repsone all. Very helpful and much appreciated
  19. Bicester area

    Can someone help - I am doing a bit of stalking near Bicester. Not that often but am aware that I don't know anyone with a deer dog, in the area. It would be great to have a number of a couple of people in case of emergency. I would be very happy to pay for time if it's necessary. Any help...
  20. Hornady superperformance

    Was the 117 gr 25-06