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  1. Wanted: no 4 wood needed

    Hi a friend of mine is after a set of wood for a no4 Enfield. Has anybody got any or know of any for sale? Thanks

    Hi has anybody got a but pad kicking around they dont need any more? Thanks
  3. Wanted: BSA MK2 foresight

    a friend is looking for a foresight for the above rifle, what have you got? Thanks
  4. access to vauxhall dianostic software

    Hi has anybody access to OP-Com 2012 or similar software, as I would like my trip computer turned on in my car Thanks
  5. info on .243 Nosler 90 grain spitzer load

    Hi guys I will be using 40.5 grains of RL22 with an OAL of 2.675" as a starting load, going up in 0.3 grains. Has anybody used this combo and what did you find worked for you. I will still work up a load but dont want to miss a node. Thanks
  6. New Legal Provisions on Firearms

  7. medical conditions affecting an FAC

    does anybody know if the use of statins for potential heart issues affect an FAC?
  8. quick session out

    Yesterday was such a nice day, I decided that I would go out this morning nice and early. I duly contacted the farmer who was more than happy for me to have a walk around. 308 ammo checked all ok. Alarm set. The alarm went off at 7am, but the wife was already up, so I asked her what the weather...
  9. Best Practice Guides

    Can you still get the deer guides as a friend of mine has seen my copy and wants to get one. I have tried searching but have restricted internet access at the moment. Thanks
  10. how long for one for ones in Essex?

    I have a one for one in at the moment and was wondering how long people are finding it takes. Ideally a quick turnaround would be nice so I can bring my new (to me) rifle to try on the running boar:D
  11. steps to reduce Essex police backlog
  12. bussiness cards

    can any body recommend a free bussiness card software? Thanks
  13. which scope mounts?

    I have a BSA supersport five on the way soon(once my paperwork comes back), it has groovescut into the reciever with blocks mounted on it. I have a Busnell banner 3x9x40, with a 1" tube to fit on it. What medium? mounts would people suggest, bearing in mind the rifle did not cost a lot. Thanks
  14. Where do your MEPs stand on changes to the Firearms Directive?

    use the link below to send an e-mail to your MEP's over 4200 people already have
  15. help with some maths

    I have a brain fade moment with the following equation that I need to factorise by extraction and grouping of a commom factor 15a - 6b - 5ax + 2bx Thanks
  16. a good day in West Sussex

    The alarm went off at 3.30am yesterday morning, but I must have snoozed it because next thing I know its 3.50am and I had planned on leaving the house a 4am. Oops thats a good start. Luckily everything (almost) was in the car, except the rifle and ammo. Anyway I left home at 4.15, so not too...
  17. a morning out with a gun

    I decided late night whilst at work that I would take the shotgun for a walk this morning and put a few decoys out on some peas. When I woke up this morning the sun was shining and all looked right with the world, unless of course you are decoying and you dont want the decoys to shine. I...
  18. Wanted: land for syndicate to shoot

    Myself and 5 friends are looking for land to shoot over, primarily rough shooting. We are Essex based so any where in the south east considered, we are all B.A.S.C members.
  19. A nice session shooting this afternoon

    I have been watching the weather with a lot of interest today since it got light. The joys of shift work:). I got home just after 2pm and was on the phone to the farmer by 2.05pm. He was not going to be working on the ground as it was still too wet, so it was my lucky day. The ground is a couple...
  20. First time with Sikamalc

    I have just returned from a stalk with Sikamalc in West Sussex. I am a complete beginner on the stalking front, having been taken out by a friend just before Xmas, so this was only my second stalk. Malc is a very knowledgeable chap and easy to talk to. We started out dropping Andy of at a high...