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  1. St Helena Island

    Hi guys ... Just had a wee dart from Sika98 rubbing salt in re his trip to Namibia in May. Won't make it this year to keep him honest but the inshore Tuna season is kicking off for compensation. St Helena has superb fishing with both sport fishing charter boats and the small commercial variety...
  2. Deer in Northern Ireland

    Hi Foxy ... Now that the alcohol inspired doubters have gone very quiet I can affirm that County Antrim has indeed something of a local population and suggest you get in touch with Jamie Dick for some pointers if you are indeed serious about adding one to your cull list. The rewards come after...
  3. Deer in Northern Ireland

    Had to dig out some pics of my munty buck with the rearranged head gear leaving Carrowdore Castle boundary with a lady friend in October 2017. He appears to have made a good recovery and no doubt has sired numerous offspring. His right knee injury from earlier days made him very identifiable to...
  4. Deer in Northern Ireland

    I shot two muntjac does in a little wood near Mount Stewart, Co Down, for examination by Queens University last week of May 2016 and they have been logged on the Irish records along with many sightings recorded on trail cameras by the team of QUB students I worked alongside. I also got a bead on...
  5. Sierra 63gn SMPs in .223

    Hi Deano ... I have been using the 63gr Sierra Semi Point bullet for some 14 years in a little custom 22-250 AI as my go-to Roe rifle for Scotland. Outstanding accuracy out of a 1 in 12 twist Border barrel and dependable knock down results meant that I have stayed with the recipe from day one...
  6. Hello from istanbul

    Welcome to the forum DC, 300 Win Mag sounds good medicine for Roe ..... :cool:
  7. Hi there

    Welcome to the site Jon, pm sent.
  8. Hi from Joel

    Good intro Joel, enjoy the interaction Alan
  9. Available: Roe Buck Stalking

    Colin, PM sent.
  10. Hello from New Zealand

    Great pics James, welcome to the forum.
  11. Hello from Co Down

    Hello and welcome, good to see another well travelled County Down player onboard
  12. Pietas Venatores

    Hi Peter, looking forward to meeting you at the weekend :tiphat:
  13. Information on Pietas Venatores requested

    Thank you gentlemen, before I put foot in mouth with an email query to this chap can I confirm that his first name is actually Pietas?
  14. Information on Pietas Venatores requested

    Does anybody have first hand experience or knowledge of 'Pietas Venatores' who have a stand at next weekend's deer Stalking Fair? They are listed as a specialist stock refinisher but I can find no internet references to, or reviews of, their work. Any information appreciated.
  15. hello

    Welcome onboard, good to see another County Down man with the bug :lol:
  16. Deerstalking Fair, 23/24 March 2013

    Hi guys ... I plan to travel over from Northern Ireland on the Sunday and wondered if anyone else was coming from the wee North on the early Stenna ferry. Hit me with a pm and we can link up. Sláinte .... Alan
  17. Batch two of 'The Stalking Knife'

    Richard have you any more pics of progress on the golden amboyna knife since the 17th October?
  18. Batch two of 'The Stalking Knife'

    Nice start Richard, looking forward to watching progress with a vested interest :thumb:
  19. Hi from Liverpool

    Hi Nick, welcome to SD
  20. Ned: an introduction

    Welcome to SD Ned Alan