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  1. Gold Finch on feeder

    Taken with my camera phone shooting thru a big spotting scope. Calum
  2. Mating bumble bee queen

    I thought this was a late summer activity. Maybe they are trying to tell us something.
  3. Hedge Spaniel

    Looking after two spaniels for a friend for a couple of weeks. The youngest one decided she would have a better view of the garden from a strange vantage point....
  4. Dedito Boots

    Saw these at the Scottish Game Fair and thought they would be a good buy. Anyone got a pair and found them to be reliable? Dedito Shootingwear Shooting and outside gear
  5. Urban Roe Buck

    Spent three hours last night unsuccessfully searching my stalking ground for a roe buck but only saw a sika hind. I was very happy with this as it was the first time I had come across a sika hind on this ground. This morning I get a text from my next door neighbour to say there is a deer in her...
  6. Wanted: Muntjac Stalking near Hatfield Peveral

    A bit of a long shot but..... I will be in the Hatfield Peverel, Essex area at the beginning of May and would like to take the opportunity to go for Muntjac. The outing to take place on either Tues or Wed 3rd/4th May. I am not able to bring my rifle with me so would need to borrow one. Happy...
  7. Looking for a binocular guard

    I have Swarovski EL binoculars which are in the process of being serviced as they have taken a few knocks over the years. Now looking to have better protection for them but can't find anything suitable. I'm looking for a system that covers both the ocular and objective lenses plus the body which...
  8. Birds of prey deaths not deliberate

    I found the following on the Scottish BBC news site this evening..... Birds of prey found dead in Ross-shire in the Highlands earlier this year were most likely not targeted deliberately, police have said. More than 20 raptors were discovered at various locations in March and April. Police...
  9. what does the BDS do for me

    There have been a few discussions in the past about what individuals expect to get from membership of the BDS. Mark Nicholson (Chairman) answered this question very succinctly in the latest edition of the Deer Journal.... quote - I have oft heard it asked "why should I be a member of the BDS?"...
  10. Hind Stalking on the southern slopes of Loch Earn

    Myself and a pal have just returned from two days hind stalking on an estate on the south side of Loch Earn. Great two days with magnificent views, great weather, company of a very knowledgeable stalker and loads of deer to watch and stalk. Not normally into posting pictures of dead deer but...
  11. Video of roe doe

    A beautiful June evening which was enhanced by this close encounter with a roe doe. ​Mulac
  12. Rubber for eyepiece to fit S&B 8x 56

    Can anyone tell me where is the best place to get a replacement rubber for the eyepiece of my S&B 8x56 scope? Manage to lose the original out stalking last week. Mulac
  13. Help with tyre selection

    I have a Discovery 3 with 17 inch rims. I have obtained a second set of rims and I'm looking to fit them with tyres for use over the winter and going off road at pheasant shoots , stalking etc. (Probably 20-30% off road) The current tyres on the vehicle are Continental M/S 235/70/17. Any...
  14. Is autumn coming early this year?

    I have noticed over the last week there is an awful lot of leaves lying on the ground which I thought could have been due to the heavy rain we have been having. However last night about 10pm a skein of geese flew over the house which is about a month early if they are migrants and not just local...
  15. South East Scotland BDS Branch Meeting - Tuesday 3rd April

    The next meeting of the South East of Scotland Branch of the British Deer Society takes place on 3rd April at 7pm in County Hotel, High Street, Dalkeith. The topic for the evening is a Talk/Discussion on DSC2 Approved Witness. John Campbell-Smith (DSC2 Approved Witness) will lead a discussion...
  16. Looking for camo trousers

    I've managed to ruin my Deerhunter trousers by putting them thru a 40 degree wash which melted the waterproofing material sandwiched between the inner and outer layers. So any recommendations on what I should replace them with? Looking to spend around the £100 mark to get something decent. My...
  17. CANCELLED - BDS South East Scotland Meeting 1st Nov

    Apologies for repeating this message but just want to ensure anyone considering attending is are aware the meeting has been cancelled Regards Mulac
  18. Eagle Owl attacking camera

    Slow motion video of a eagle owl in attack mode. Mulac
  19. Zero change dependent on type of ground

    Looking for some advice/help.... I took part in a BDS shooting competition last Sunday at the range at Ponteland. The first course of fire was 4 shots at 200 yards off the bipod (I use a Harris bipod). The ground on the firing point was gravel and my first two shots were 6 inches low. I had...