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    Firearms safety

    Formal training isn't always the answer, the most dangerous client I ever took out was a serving soldier that took his rifle out of the slip and touched the trigger, finding it was still loaded from his last zeroing session and shot my 4x4. The problem lies as others have said with shooters not...
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    Scientists worry 'zombie deer' disease could jump to humans

    8 cans of white lightning does the same to the scratters around here.
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    S A Airlines - Firearms

    One of the best to fly with but make sure that the connecting flight is with them and not a partner airline as only SAA can carry firearms internally. You are allowed one rifle up to 23kg free.
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    Another photo request.

    Some fallow by the road
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    Sold: BX-25 magazines

    If you could pm me your payment details I will take two of them please.
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    I am a deer hunter

    One roe isn't a lot of money but if you are shooting 100 a year it soon adds up. It is nice to shoot just for the pot but a lot of us on here have to shoot a lot more than we could possibly eat in a year just to keep to the cull figures and keep the damage to crops to a minimum. You have a...
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    partridges killed today!

    That wasn't a dodo it was Chris Packham. Oh no sorry wrong spelling there was no L in it.
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    Sold: Free airgun or rim fire scope for a youngster

    That's no problem, PM the address and I will send it.
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    Sold: Free airgun or rim fire scope for a youngster

    Bushnell sportview 3_9x40 very good condition, free to a youngster.
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    Goodbye old friend

    A sad day indeed, but think of all those great times and memories over 17 years.
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    Air bombs and reared duck

    Toys and pram ? You should read your own post, with that much pent up rage you should be questioning your own suitability to own firearms This is my last comment on this post as I actually g st out stalking.
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    Air bombs and reared duck

    OK so let's ban driven duck shooting, then we may as well ban driven pheasant as some people find that distasteful, then partridge, then grouse, Then why not ban all shooting as some people disagree with it. As long as people are willing to pay to shoot driven duck then it will carry on. It is...
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    Air bombs and reared duck

    As I said if you don't agree with it don't do it and if enough people do the same it will no longer be financially viable and will stop.
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    Air bombs and reared duck

    It amazes me that with all the enemies of shooting trying to hurt us we spend all this time fighting ourselves. If you find an aspect of the sport abhorrent then don't participate and if enough people don't, it will cease to be profitable and will stop. Give the antis enough bricks to throw at...
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    Available: European brown bear and moose

    One was 16.4 and the other just shy of 18cm
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    Available: European brown bear and moose

    You are a long time dead and this isn't a dress rehearsal, enjoy yourself while you can. You have no idea what is around the corner. It is the time to do things while you are fit and able, old age and bad health creeps up unnoticed and you find yourself regretting not doing things while you could.
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    Capercaillie and black grouse

    Can give you the contact for a russian outfitter that has both as well as hazel grouse.
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    Available: European brown bear and moose

    Special offer for May 2019. 5 days bear hunting including trophy fee for 1 bear any size and 1 capercaillie. All inclusive. €3000 roughly £2600 at today's exchange rate. Must be taken between 5th and 15th may 2019.