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  1. yellow belly

    Recommendations for a day pack for hill - forest stalking

    Another vote for Ogdens here, great waist pack, 2 roe or 4 muntjac with ease!
  2. yellow belly

    Wanted: EFAW+F Moray area

    Thanks Stew but I'm already booked on mate! REgards Matt
  3. yellow belly

    For Sale: Tikka T3 30-06

    Still waiting on pictures please.
  4. yellow belly

    Wanted: EFAW+F Moray area

    Thanks blitzking, already sorted with one out by Nairn.
  5. yellow belly

    Fox non-toxic bullets

    No worries Dexter. I have one of a head shot muntjac if you wish me to PM it to you? I have seen what red stags look like and can assure you that it looks like less damage then the roe shows. And it dropped the stag on the spot!
  6. yellow belly

    Fox non-toxic bullets

    Dexter scroll to through this thread, or just to the top of this page of the thread and see the roe carcass I posted and another by Andy-shooter .
  7. yellow belly

    Wanted: EFAW+F Moray area

    Anyone know of any EFAW+F in the Moray/Inverness/Aberdeen area coming up in the next 4 weeks? Thanks
  8. yellow belly

    Fox non-toxic bullets

    I was given a box of fox copper bullets by Tam the Gun a little while back to try and they are great! I shot this roe doe last Sunday at 75 yards with 130gr .308win with the fox copper bullets. This is the 3rd deer I've shot with them and highly impressed and would defiantly recommend them to...
  9. yellow belly

    For Sale: Steyr Mannlicher CL II .30-06 20" Barrel

    Is this rifle still for sale??
  10. yellow belly

    For Sale: Steyr Mannlicher CL II .30-06 20" Barrel

    Great looking rifle, Is this it threaded for moderators? Thanks.
  11. yellow belly

    Anyone use a bum bag while stalking? a little expensive, but well worth it!
  12. yellow belly

    For Sale: Dog box

    Have a bump on me.......This is a fantastic dog box, picked mine up yesterday. £250 is a good price folks!
  13. yellow belly

    Uksha follow up and strike site

    Just a quick one to say I met Rob at the uksha stand at the stalking fair yesterday and what a great bloke! I got his card and hopefully will never need to call him, but great to know he would be there if I ever needed any help to track a deer! Cheers Rob your a real credit to the unsha! YB
  14. yellow belly

    For Sale: Modern Stalking mag

    PPm unbounded
  15. yellow belly

    Dog boxes

    FYI red-dot........ transk9 dog box's have been proved to saved a dogs life and stopped a vehicles roof caving in on its occupants in crashes in the past!
  16. yellow belly

    Anyone know a source of cheap 308 surplus ammo in Lincolnshire?

    Try forest lodge guns at wragby, Colin Matt and Chris will sort you out if they can!
  17. yellow belly

    For Sale: Bushnell trophy camera 2014 brand new

    brought some other stuff off Jack a while back, top bloke to deal with!!!
  18. yellow belly

    Sold: Brand New GRS long Range stock in Camo for Tikka T3

    might be interested mate, but does this need to be bedded? cheers
  19. yellow belly

    Police - Shoot to kill, BBC1 2030

    I agree, however the police are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Anyone who has been away on Telic or Herrick and been out and about will tell you that you do have a split second sometimes to make a big decision and whether its right or wrong, no one else can tell you if you cant shoot...
  20. yellow belly

    Leupold QR Bases and Rings

    hello mate, i have them on my swaro 8x56 and chop and change between my .243 and .308, can not fault um!! also brilliant if your rifle gets **** wrapped and you want to take off the scope to properly dry and oil, just remember when you put them on the rail to push forward as you tighten up the...