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    Head Torch
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    Mac Wet or Seal Skinz

    Not tried the MacWets but I've been consistently disappointed with Sealskinz products over the years. I recently gave them one last go with a pair of waterproof socks for running but they were not waterproof at all. Some people seem to rate them so I can only assume that quality control is very...
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    Nomad Jackets

    I was out stalking last weekend in steady and sometimes heavy rain, it was raining before we went out and it was still raining four hours later when we came in. I was wearing a MoD MTP Goretex jacket (the slightly heavier Petroleum Protective version) over a couple of lighter jackets in a...
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    Sold: Javalin Bipod

    If this is definitely the longer model then I will take it please.
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    Vacancy: Assistant Deer Keeper
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    Steyr Scout Opinions

    Accuracy pretty average, fixed height and no cant bipod of limited use, spare mag in stock never needed, all a bit 'plasticey'. Not trying to talk you out of it, go and see it for yourself, it may well tick all your boxes. One thing to remember, light rifles need to be shot well, remember your...
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    Steyr Scout Opinions

    They seem like a good idea with some great features but somehow just fail to deliver. I know a few people who have bought them and moved them on pretty quickly. Plenty of other lightweight options out there in .308.
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    Wanted: Optiloc Picatinny Bases.

    I've been toying with this idea but I can't seem to find a way around the excessive height issue. I've decided to forget the idea unless I see the components come up for sale for peanuts.
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    Removing live primers

    As you are using a Lee Loader rather than a press I would just take them outside and fire them off in the rifle and start again. If you had a press I would take the decapping pin out and size them as normal but go easy on the internal lube especially if you use a spray lube.
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    "Coming (Home)"

    Just watched some muppet academic on telly defending these ISIS terrorists and their right to come 'home'. Apparently less than 11% go on to be involved in terrorist activity when they return to Britain....oh, ok, well that's fine then! Unbelievable!
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    Do I have to pay my GP re FAC renewal in Thames Valley?
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    Law change on muntjac

    Farm deer kill quite a lot of snakes. When I worked on a farm and park in Sussex I picked up lots of dead grass snakes and witnessed them doing it a few times.
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    Sold: Wilkinson Sword Dartmoor Knife

    Did the dealer that made you that offer have a horse and a mask over his eyes! You've just sold that for about a third of its value! Fair play, as long as both parties are happy then a good deal has been done.
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    Law change on muntjac

    Two questions, did the original stalkers apply? If not why not, surely if they were that good they would have walked it? Secondly, what is a 'DI member'? Didn't realise it was a membership based org?
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    Tell me about this fallow buck

    I'd agree with that. looks in good condition.
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    Shooting organisation and insurance
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    Law change on muntjac

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    Law change on muntjac

    Here you go, latest update and clarification:
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    Paying for goods on SD

    Be careful guys, we all trust each other too much, not saying that's a bad thing most of the time but there is a big increase in scammers lately especially on Facebook including on the 'friendly' groups where we all trust each other like on here. I got caught for £80 a couple of weeks ago. I...
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    Vacancy: Skye Estate Assistant JMT