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  1. bob tail

    Varget - what are you using now.

    Amax 155 with N140
  2. bob tail

    New Sticks

    Hi guy's I just want to ask a quick question, I'm building some new sticks and I wanted to know if anyone knows where I can get the foam grips to fit the green garden cains that im hoping to use and a suitable stop cap for the end. Many Thanks in advance Chris.
  3. bob tail

    For Sale: The Monkey Clamp

    Why is the pic rail on the wrong way?
  4. bob tail

    Wanted: 308 case gauge

    Thanks spud I'm looking for a Hornady 308 threaded dummy case. I described it wrong sorry I've just ordered one from you Regards Chris
  5. bob tail

    Wanted: 308 case gauge

    Anyone have a 308 case gauge there willing to sell I've looked around the usual sites to buy one and either they haven't got one or there on back order or stupid money
  6. bob tail

    For Sale: Forced to sell up.

    This is terrible news and discusting police attitude. I do hope you get some legal advice before you make your mind up on selling.
  7. bob tail

    Wanted: Lyman Case Trimmer

  8. bob tail

    Wanted: Lyman Case Trimmer

    Wanted if anyone has one they want to get rid of a Lyman case trimmer please . Cheers Chris :)
  9. bob tail

    Wanted: Wilson Case Trimmer

    Admin can you please delete I messed up this ad thank you chris
  10. bob tail

    Sold: Mauser M12 Extreme 6.5x55 with Moderator & Scope

    Shame its not the m12 impact in 308 I would of bit your hand off, lovely kit all the same good luck with the sale.
  11. bob tail

    For Sale: Speed loaders and holster

    For sale £40
  12. bob tail


    Thanks Ian, That's worth a look too and not a bad price either considering it interchangeable between calibres
  13. bob tail


    Hi Jerry, thanks for your imput much needed some friends have suggested the DPT so I shall have a look at these theirs just so many to look at. OISIN, Thanks but I think you missed the question, I'm looking for help not a sale try the classifieds. ChesterP, AND slider, Many thanks I will be...
  14. bob tail

    Signal Cannon

    Thanks enfieldspares for the info Cheers Chris
  15. bob tail

    Signal Cannon

    308RWS thank you for your help . Cheers Chris
  16. bob tail

    Signal Cannon

    Hello Mike There is no markings on it that I have found which is why I need help with this .
  17. bob tail

    Signal Cannon

    Hello, I know this isn't stalking related or modern firearms related but I could do with some help if anyone has any knowledge of this, . I acquired this from my mate last year who has now passed away its very heavy and I'm looking to selling it but I have know idea where to get any information...
  18. bob tail


    Hello , I'm looking for a 30 cal moderator in the next few weeks could do with some advise on which is the best for money weight clean-able and life expectancy I suppose and also end of barrel or over barrel. Or is it a case of much of a muchness just take your pick. Cheers Chris
  19. bob tail

    Buying a new scope

    I'd love something like that with a DD ret and IR but I haven't seen one for that money . Cheers Chris