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    Cerakote Wear

    On the plus side though, taking a dump in the morning I bet the little fellas whizz out! :D
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    Full-auto shotgun . . . .

    Always do! :tiphat:
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    Full-auto shotgun . . . .

    Or the audience, his muzzle awareness looked a bit 'rare' o_O
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    Man charged after deer shot in Dagnam Park

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    Man charged after deer shot in Dagnam Park

    If you have authority to shoot on that land and you are complying with any relevant conditions and proper safety precautions then I don't see why you should have a problem. Sect 19 mentions a 'reasonable excuse' for being in possession of firearms and ammo whether loaded or not in a public...
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    Transport for the stalker?

    Great bits of kit those, basically an older style Shogun with a camper body.
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    "Coming (Home)"

    I was going to say "What a motley looking crew" but then I realised that they bear more than a passing resemblance to:
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    Good news!

    Excellent news, common sense prevails for now, but as above, let's hope the appeal doesn't succeed. I find that the way the '**** your pants' press keep referring to her as a 'schoolgirl' quite annoying.
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    Hats off to those people that have made this possible. This truly is a remarkable forum!
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    Show us your truck!

    I like a good 'reader's drives' thread. You never know what you'll see, blimey an ejector seat! Very 007!
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    Who knows about my FAC

    I don't think that info is flagged up, I travel internationally quite a bit and I rarely experience issues.
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    A Yorkshireman spends the weekend... funny!
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    Yes agreed, it was more that the OP seemed to be considering all sorts of alternatives to prove a point and I was trying to ascertain if he fully understood the ramifications of a producing home-made silencer as he appears determined to get hold of one outside the more conventional route of...
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    Yep, spot on. I was trying to see if the OP understood this but I'm not sure he picked up on my remark.
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    Calendar Check.

    Good 'ere innit?
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    DI weekend 22, 23 & 24 Feb, NW England

    I'm booked onto the Saturday morning event at Grizedale, as its a half day my knee should stand that ok.
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    "Coming (Home)"

    There is a petition here, not the most eloquently worded but it gets the point across Petition: Ban all ISIS members from returning to UK When I signed it on Friday it was up to 115,000 signatories, 3 days later at the time of this post its well over 400,00. I'm not sure what real effect it will...
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    DI weekend 22, 23 & 24 Feb, NW England

    I'd like to go Friday/Sat but depends on my mobility as I've torn my knee up at the moment.
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    A moderator is a pressure bearing device. Do you know how much pressure is present at the muzzle of a .308 rifle running a typical factory round for example? What are the conditions listed on your FAC?
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    "Coming (Home)"

    Yes I did consider this, but.... shes'd now a good few years older, she's certainly well fed (plump), she's pregnant, she is unmoved by 'heads in bins' or the death of her two friends, she does nor regret her decision, what's not to like? A fantastic example of what we would all love our own...