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    What hair trimmer

    I always use my partners wahl pro-cut clippers. She goes mental as she reckons they are only for professional use.
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    What hair trimmer

    A Flymo
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    Bristol Airport - Firearms

    Always found Bristol to be a painless experience.
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    Mac Wet or Seal Skinz

    Just got some camo neoprene gloves from lidl for a fiver nice and warm
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    Wilderness tarpon 140

    Perhaps it’s because you haven’t posted enough
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    Best all-year AT tyre.

    guy out west it may have been an abnormal wear as the set before were fine who knows.
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    Best all-year AT tyre.

    I’ve tried various tyres over the years on different pickups had a set of BFG all terrains on until a few weeks ago had to change them after they were about 30% worn. The noise on road from them sounded like a wheel bearing gone.Just fitted a set of Cooper discovery AT3 sport just before we had...
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    Wonderhart driven boar

    Which trip did he catch you on Julian.
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    Stolen foxes ?

    Animal liberators scored an own goal perhaps
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    Wonderhart Driven Boar

    On our trip I can’t think of anybody who had a disposable income infact some of them had saved and forsaken holidays to go on their yearly boar hunt only to be stitched up by Tamas.
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    Wonderhart Driven Boar

    pretty much what happen on our last trip with Tamas of wonderhart.
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    Wonderhart Driven Boar

    Not thousands more like tens of thousands when you count other people in and all the trophy fees payed and not delivered on. The only way he has been getting away with this for a while now is the false promises of replacement hunts and I’ve got some money coming in and can pay you soon.ALL LIES.
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    Green outrage? Again?

    It’s the outrage brigade they are outraged by everything if it killed somebody outrage,if it was left alone outrage,if it was moved to a different location outrage.Matters not what was done it would have been an outrage.
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    What do you carry whilst stalking?

    A very good friend of mine come back in from a driven boar hunt with half of his new fleece missing.He had forgotten he had moved the toilet paper from his bag to a pocket.
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    Tangled up.

    As a matter of interest what were they tangled in
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    Which new pickup ????

    80,000 miles in my Tekna Navara no problems.Only problem I’ve had was getting an anti collision sensor after an accident when I went into the back of another driver who slammed on because he thought he seen a porkpie in the road.Other than that it’s powerful pulling over 3 tons no problem.Been...
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    Basc response to pheasant dumping

    Couldn’t agree more.Some of these people that go on these big number days may only shoot on this type of shoot.They only do it once or twice a year and haven’t a clue what happens to the birds after or care.The only talk afterwards is how many did you shoot.
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    Basc response to pheasant dumping

    Looking at the video it looks like a lot of birds have been breasted out so it might not be a case of wasted birds
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    Larder in Container Unit Ideas

    Check out eBay there are some good 20ft refrigerator containers on there starting at£2000
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    Wanted: New Syndicate around Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire and into S Wales

    Which all well and good unless your the unfortunate stalker who’s been on the permission for years.Best way to have and keep stalking is buy the land .Expensive but at least a certainty