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    Vacuum Packer

    I have andrew james one, only had it a few months but it has done several Soay sheep and a roe, it feels like a quality product. I'm using the rolls too. The integrated roll holder and cutter is really handy too. Its this...
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    Available: Unaccompanied Stalking DSC qualified stalkers only

    Is it stags or hinds? and is there a bag limit, or are we talking one beast per day? Thanks
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    Wanted: Beginner reloading kit

    The lee hand press takes up little space and you can make very good ammo.
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    Gut clipped

    Wipe it out with paper towel , it will be fine. It's likely to be a problem with a high velocity round like a 243, if it keeps happening try a harder bullet. or a slower one.
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    Noob rifle and calibre recommendations

    If you can find a dealer or private sale where you can test fire the rifle than go for a second hand one. There are lots of great bargains out there. Caliber wise just check and see what ammo your local shop keeps and how much it costs.
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    Shoulder straps for a kuiu pack

    I have two genuine Kuiu straps as I just got some replacements due to a wee plastic toggle rotating when it shouldn't have. They attach to the frame by strong velcro and the aforementioned toggles at the back. at the bottom they use webbing straps. I would strongly recommend that you buy the...
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    What knives are people using?

    I have a few, a folding EKA, a mora, and some old cheap stuff. The fact of the matter is you could do a gralloch with a Swiss Army knife, or any other sharp knife for that matter.... just buy one you like. By far my favourite is this: Helle Harding 99 hunting knife I have had mine 15 years...
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    no shoulder shot

    I have to agree with Archer, if you are a recreational stalker, take the time to butcher as much of what you shoot as you can, and eat game at every opportunity. Its healthier and there are so many great butchery videos on line that you can achieve a first class result in no time. I enjoy the...
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    A rubbish knife that won't sharpen...return?

    I think as others have said, any steel can be sharpened razor sharp, the quality comes in in terms of how long the edge will hold and how it will resist damage. I sharpened a friends butchery knife recently I was disappointed with the first attempt, I had just done what makes mine razor sharp...
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    Precision Rifle League Officially Launched

    This looks good, does anyone know the rules in terms of shooting aids?
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    Any info about

    I think Chester’s right, having read this thread I wouldn’t buy again.. I was blissfully ignorant the first time. Although having said that we don't know how many happy customers there have been, in the days of the internet it only takes a few bad reviews to make something seem really bad...
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    Reloading: clarification of expanding bullets vs ammunition allowance on FAC

    I would say that is it’s just bullets and not ammo then you can get as much as you like.............. including a load for me...
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    Any info about

    I bought a Kahles scope of these guys a few months back, good price and no problems at all with the delivery. Seems like I was lucky, I would normally buy from a U.K. supplier but it was going to be months before the Kahles scope were available here so I took a chance..
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    One for all and All for one?

    Cluny guns come up exactly 29 miles away.... not making an accusation just an observation.
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    One for all and All for one?

    I’ve been working with the public for years now and nothing surprises me any more. It is pretty disappointing though. When the whole shooting community seems more under threat than ever for an RFD to take the side of the grandstanding enraged social justice warriors is lower than low.
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    More in the news from another of Scotland's MSP....

    I shot 3 sheep last weekend. It was point blank with a 22 and I didn’t pose for pictures with them though.......
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    Thoughts on number of practice rounds and practice drills?

    As said above not really much point bashing out loads of rounds from the same position, if you have a small caliber time spent shooting crows or rabbits if you have them will be more productive in terms of practise and probably a lot more fun. Or hang a gong and then shoot it from different...
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    Wanted: STOLEN - please share

    I know I’m being thick here but why do people steal dogs? There can’t be money in it can there? Puppy farms? I did hear that people steal them as training for fighting dogs, but that can’t be commonplace surely? i hope the dog is found, it must be a horrible experience having one stolen.
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    Weather station / anemometer

    Thanks for the reply’s, the gun shoots .2 - .3 moa so it’s accurate enough for these kind of shots. I do quite a bit of shooting from home so it’s a couple of home made sand bags on the patio table most of the time. Being that I live there I know the local topography pretty well and where the...
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    Chrono suggestions?

    I like the magneto speed ones, so easy to use..