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  1. Foxlover

    For Sale: nowt

    Still for sale ?
  2. Foxlover

    Hi ,

    Further to my sparse intro- Iv been an avid outdoorsman for over 40 years , love my game fishing , deer stalking and pheasants and my dogs of course . ( BMH & GSP) I look forward to using this platform to hear about other likeminded people . Yours in sport N
  3. Foxlover


    Haha some good ones :lol:
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    Bloke goes to the Practice Nurse.....

    We’ve a been there :p:lol:
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    Another couple of pics

  6. Foxlover

    Fosters lager

  7. Foxlover

    Rugby league

    Lol good one :lol:
  8. Foxlover

    Sex Insurance.

    Haha good one
  9. Foxlover

    For sale

    Do you post to the Middle East ? :lol:
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    Viagra ....

  11. Foxlover

    quick thinker.

    Haha the car door one :lol::lol:
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    Beautiful girlfriend

    Haha classic
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    My new Gundog!

    Lol I’m stealing this one
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    New engine

    Some “pistons” barely touch the sides lol
  15. Foxlover

    Available: Guided Muntjac and CWD Stalking

    How much for a medal class roebuck ?
  16. Foxlover

    Available: Muntjac and cwd stalking

    Can you pm a price for a representative CWD buck ?
  17. Foxlover


    How much for a medal buck ?
  18. Foxlover

    Available: Syndicate Places for Red Deer Stalking on Isle of Arran, Scotland

    Would an Irish ( south) FAC be sufficient to apply ?
  19. Foxlover

    Available: Guided Stalking, Forest of Dean, Somerset and Devon.

    Any opportunities for roebuck in April ?