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  1. antsa

    Running a Bit Late

    Every year in January, the month of my birthday, I have a little ritual. I change the batteries in the locks on my ammunition and rifle safes. Then I oil my walnut stocks. This year, because of family commitments, I'm running a bit late but now it's done. I have four rifles and a shotgun with...
  2. antsa

    308 bullet weights

    I'm a big fan of Sierra projectiles. Have loaded and used 165gr HPBT (moose and boar) and 150gr Prohunter (fallow and roe) when I lived in Europe. Deadly accurate out of my 1:11" 57cm barrel. Down here I'm using the Prohunters and a local factory loaded (by Australian Munitions) Sierra 135gr HP...
  3. antsa

    One rifle or several?

    My problem right now. Would like to get a 9.3x62 but another rifle means another safe. Makes for an expensive exercise. Cheers
  4. antsa

    drop chart

    I generate my drop charts in Shooter and then make an abbreviated table in Excel. Tape it to my stock. My varmint rifle, drops are dialed: My sporter, I dial above the MPBR: Cheers
  5. antsa

    Magnetospeed Sporter

    I have one. Easy to use. Does what I want - records velocity. Have no way of knowing if it's accurate but on-line reviews seem to verify this. I added on the "thingy" that enables reading your results on a smart phone. Cheers
  6. antsa

    Atlas bipod

    The guy who designed and makes the Atlas has provided us with a great product. Support him instead of the crooks who've ripped him off. Cheers
  7. antsa

    What Pickup ?

    My 2017 Isuzu D-Max LS has all the bits and bobs your's was missing. Cheers
  8. antsa

    Accurate powder charges by hand is driving me bonkers!

    Used beam scales for years. RCBS and Hornady. Don't know if they are accurate but I perceived them as pretty consistent but oh so slow. Last year (2018), I added a RCBS Chargemaster Lite to the loading bench. It's just great. Loaded about 500 rounds so far - for the .222, .223, .260 and the...
  9. antsa

    What Pickup ?

    Got my first-ever ute this year. It is also my first-ever diesel and first-ever automatic: Isuzu D-Max. 3-litre, 430Nm, 6 speed auto, 3.5 tonne towing capacity. Just love it (except for the annoying beep if you leave the key in the ignition) but then I have no frame of reference. Cheers
  10. antsa

    Sako 85 Ejection Problems?

    Waimahana's well-documented solution to his extraction/ejection problem above relates to his Sako 75, not the 85. Elsewhere we hear that this issue started with the 85. I have 85's and have never handled a 75. Is there a difference in the extractor and ejector between the 75 and the 85? Pictures...
  11. antsa

    Centre fire noise.

    As you all probably know moderators are evil things used only by assassins, murderers and hardened criminals. At least here in the land of Oz. I have noticed that our Black Angus cattle do not seem to react at all to the sound of unmoderated .222, .223, .308 or 12g. They just go about their...
  12. antsa

    Sako 85 Ejection Problems?

    Very interesting result. Your solution seems to correspond to the Queensland bloke's. The one who made a new, tighter claw. Cheers
  13. antsa

    This may get a few members hackles up, its about their loved rifles.

    Don Heath was an interesting bloke. Sadly he passed away suddenly back in 2015. At the time he was working for Norma in Sweden. Cheers, Don
  14. antsa

    Hornady Z-Max?

    Now and again, here and there, I read of shooters using/buying Hornady Z-Max projectiles. Where do these come from? Are they New Old Stock as they are not listed on Hornady's website? Just wondering. Cheers
  15. antsa

    Which boots?

    I use three pairs of Meindl's. A pair of Island Pro's that are about 25 yrs old and still going strong, a pair of Borneo's leather-lined that are going on 15 years and a pair of Dovre Extreme's that are around 7 years old. Needless to say I look after them by cleaning and waxing several times a...
  16. antsa

    Zeroing range preferences

    My .223 and .308 Sporters that I use off the ATV or when stalking are zeroed at 25 and 30mm over respectively at 100m. My heavy-barrelled .223 and .260 that I use for longer distances are zeroed spot-on at 100m and I range and dial. I print out little tables (generated in Shooter) that are taped...
  17. antsa

    Skellerup Quarto Sport wellies?

    Halfway through my second year with my Quatros. I have the high, lined model. Best wellies I've ever had. I use them daily on my cattle farm. Never wear anything else, even in the Aussie summer. Cheers
  18. antsa

    Fixing set up

    I've "fixed" a lot of critters with my .223 and 55gr Sierra BK's :-D Cheers
  19. antsa

    which .223

    I'm also a sucker for Sakos. Have two 85 .223s, a sporter and a varmint. Was at my LGS yesterday looking at a used shotty. The owner unpacked a new Tikka T3X in .223. Fluted SS barrel and quite a nice piece of walnut. Really nice looking rifle. Its reputation speaks for itself. Great value for...
  20. antsa

    Sako Quad 22 LR stoppages

    Had this problem with my FinnFire II in .22LR. Sent it in for adjustment under warranty and it it mostly worked after that - but not always. After a bit of Googling I found the following tweak. Someone, can't remember who now, had the same issue and removed a slight amount of material from the...