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  1. Pedro

    Got a few acres? Nah only a million.

    This million acres is simply the latest addition to their property!! The mind boggles.
  2. Pedro


    Anybody know how it went then?
  3. Pedro

    Time for self regulation?

    I think it's fairly straightforward. I simply wouldn't act as a referee for anyone who I wouldn't be happy shooting in the same company with. Furthermore, if someone is obviously off kilter to the extent that you suspect they might do anything that would endanger life, be it terrorist related...
  4. Pedro

    Will this stir the pot?

    Well where do you think the English aristocracy got it's wealth? Doing the same things the uber-rich Americans did, only hundreds of years before. Sugar, slavery, property and war. Don't get hung up on titles. The only difference these days is that they are captains of industry. Titles are just...
  5. Pedro

    Will this stir the pot?

    The Divine Right of kings is something that is consigned to history. Even hereditary nobility is merely a throwback really. There aren’t many dukes and earls living in stately piles these days. And even those that do are more akin to the owner of a resort or other business these days.I know of...
  6. Pedro

    Will this stir the pot?

    Probably the best way to inform yourself there is to look up Oliver Cromwell, King Charles I and The Interregnum. Many say it's dubious, but Wikipedia is a great source of information. An ancient tale of the divine right of monarchs, politics, religion, regicide, the struggle between monarchs...
  7. Pedro

    Coal, history, curious?

    You do like to choose some contentious subjects, captdavid. Another episode of fairly recent history that I, for one and probably a few more on here were very much involved in. Coal as a fossil fuel drove the Industrial Revolution. It fuelled our power stations and indeed powered our railways...
  8. Pedro

    NZ firearms law changes

    It's a pretty predictable response really. She is doing what the population as a whole want, reacting after this incident. But bans on certain types of firearms really doesn't solve this perceived problem. It may or may not be a one-off. But the thing to do is tackle the root cause of the...
  9. Pedro

    Highseat theft

    Why would the neighbours steal your seat? I’d have thought pi**ing you off could have repercussions for their game. Is it keepered? Might be worth having a talk with the keeper. Promoting good relations could stop this happening and certainly can’t do harm.
  10. Pedro

    Brexit Delay...

  11. Pedro

    Scottish land ownership in the news again

    City dwellers dictating what happens in the countryside. Ho hum.
  12. Pedro

    Schmidt + Bender bikini cover

    Not quite as cheap as free. But full marks for promptness.
  13. Pedro

    Schmidt + Bender bikini cover

    It seems S&B are going to be inundated by requests for bikini covers in the morning.
  14. Pedro

    Scope flip caps

    Butler Creeks are rubbish. If it suits your purpose, just go for a bikini cover.
  15. Pedro

    Wanted: Kawasaki KLF 300b Manual
  16. Pedro

    Wanted: Kawasaki KLF 300b Manual

    You can often find digital copies of manuals online for all sorts of things, white goods, cars, lawnmowers, quad bikes, anything! But beware that some sites will want you to pay something for them before you can download them. But not all. It's worthwhile doing a few searches on the net. You...
  17. Pedro

    Quad Battery

    Don't see why not.
  18. Pedro


    As a rule, Speakers of the House of Commons, once they retire get a peerage. It has been decided apparently that Bercow won't. Sort of says it all really. Not commenting on this issue, which does seem to be a fair point he's brought up, that being you can't bring the same vote before the House...
  19. Pedro

    TV howlers

    But to give credit where it's due, Dad's Army always had P14 rifles, which were indeed issued to Home Guard units during WW2. I expect it would have been much easier at the time of filming to get more common Lee Enfields than those.
  20. Pedro

    TV howlers

    Ice Cold in Alex. At the end, they are driving through Alexandria (set in in WW2 for those that haven't seen it) and drive past a Series Land Rover.