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    The cost of insurance part of SACS membership is on a par with other insurers. The reason why the membership package is much chear than BASC is that they dont have fancy offices, produce glossy magazines and operate to "feed the machine"
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    Scottish land ownership in the news again

    They could, but at the present time the Scottish Government are committed to keeping the National Forest Estate in public hands - they are well aware of the backlash in England when they tries to sell off public forests.
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    Scottish land ownership in the news again

    The report is not actually factually correct. Forest Enterprise Scotland, SNH and the like do not own any land. All they do is manage land the is owned by The Scottish Ministers.
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    Scottish land ownership in the news again

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    Wanted: Binoculars with rangefinder wanted

    Just to add I believe the optics in the Fury's are the same as the Viper HDs, which, in my opinion, are on par with the big brands
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    Wanted: Binoculars with rangefinder wanted

    uttings were recently advertising Vortex Fury RF binoculars for £999
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    Night shooting of deer info

    Front page of the link states what authoisations are available. Scottish Natural Heritage issues authorisations under the Deer (Scotland) Act 1996, for example to prevent deer damaging the natural heritage. Authorisations are required to shoot deer: during the closed season at night – i.e...
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    Night shooting of deer info

    Deer authorisations | Scottish Natural Heritage
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    printed targets on SD

    plenty available on line such as here FREE TARGETS from
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    Wanted: Syndicate or permission more or less anywhere but Scotland!

    Davis Tulloch often has places available - all Moray or Inverness. No personal experience but reports of his syndicates are good
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    Deer species

    Red, Roe, and Sika will share the same territory. I have seen Roe ad Fallow on the same patch . No idea what happens down south with the(even more) invasive species.
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    Learner drivers car and insurance

    My solution was to get him to enlist in the army Royal logistics Corp. when he left school at 16. Passed his car test on his 17th birthday and his HGV class one 5 days later!
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    Date Set for Firearms Licensing Review

    While I understand your concerns , make guidance statutory will at least take away (or substantially reduce) the ability of different police forces to apply there own interpretation. We may not like some parts of any form of legislation but if it is results in equal and fair treatment for all...
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    Knife sharpening?

    I have an idea - I would knacker them:lol:. I spent most of my life as a farmer and b@@gered numerous knives, scythes, clippers etc. My ability with tools is similar to someone with two left feet in oven gloves! I now use a Worksharp for my knives and it works a dream......
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    yep, PL needs to be in the millions
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    Posting Brass?

    Post office. Just cal them metal parts. Postage costs are related to weight and I underestimate the cost last time I sold 150 cases. Think I left myself with £3 profit!
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    FC Wildlife Ranger CE?

    Glyn. unfortunately (and this is not personally directed at you) you would be surprised at how many applications are rejected because all the boxes are not ticked. The same applies to public procurement tenders. As some one that works in teh Civil Service it is frustrating to have to reject...
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    FC Wildlife Ranger CE?

    Unfortunately you probably didn't meet one or the gateway criteria and were automatically sifted out.