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    Deerstalking Fair, 23rd & 24th March, 2019, Border Union Showground, Kelso, Scottish Borders It is for 2019, I think someone has left 2018 in the title! ;)
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    How to post in stalking opportunities

    You need 30 posts (and be registered 30 days, which you are) before it allows you permission to post in that forum. As it is a vacancy and you are a long term member, (if it is non-profit) post your advert here in this thread and I will move it to “Deer Stalking Opportunities”. In “Deer...
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    sightron s-tac

    Done. :thumb:
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    Muntjac and chinks

    That’s enough now. :closed:
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    Help please.

    I can see threads you’ve replied to (I can’t see private messages, obviously) but I see “five books” and “Brass clear out” fine. I think some people are just bad at replying...
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    Add a Date to the Calendar

    You can add a date to a meeting, show etc. in the Calendar. Once you have created your thread describing your meeting, go into the thread and click the ‘...’ button at the top: Choose whether it will be one off, or recurring date (or you can remove the date) Enter the date (end date is...
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    Trying to add pictures and it keeps saying uploaded file is too large

    On the PC I use this: On iPhone/iPad I use ‘Image Size’: There is software for Mac and Android too but I don’t have those currently available to test but here’s links: Mac...
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    printed targets on SD

    Yes, I removed them I think. They were on the old homepage but from memory I believe they came from (or was very much like) some of the targets that @slider mentioned above. I liked target no. 10049 :D:
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    Distinguished Members ;)
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    Supporter Status

    I’ve checked, it updated today at 10:41... it might be the Supporter badge didn’t display for the last period because we had an problem with some accounts*. When PayPal renewed again for the next period this morning it put the badge back because this time it was fixed. The important thing is it...
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    Deleting posts.

    Users can only delete posts/threads in Classifieds. In the rest of the site you can request that they be deleted from an admin.
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    Any chance of Texas or US smiley faces?

    If I did a US smiley I'd have to do the rest of world's smileys too. ;)
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    REACH COMPLIANCE - List of Powders

    I’ve stickied the thread. :thumb: If you have updates/corrections just post below and we can edit the original list.
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    You have PM
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    Serching for "sent" PM's ? No. 2 :)
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    Sold: Drag Rope/Sling

    He has a small amount left, then no more. Please no more Reporting this thread.
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    Reaction score?

    I have left it as the default. It’s +1 ‘reaction’ point for ‘like’, ‘love’ and ‘haha’ and neutral (0 points) for ‘wow’, ‘sad’ and ‘angry’.
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    Search issue

    I've installed a Google search add-on, so if you search on '.243' and it says "keywords were too short" it'll try Google (searching our site only) instead. If you search and it has SD results AND Google results it will display both... You get Ads with Google search, but you can't have...
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    What are push notifications?

    That's OK, it is up to you. ;) If you fancy trying it the button to Enable/Disable (if it's supported) is under your account, Preferences: Windows 10/Chrome:
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    What are push notifications?

    Potentially... its up to the user/phone how you set it up. For example, in Windows 10 it is silent by default, you just get a message pop up on the main message feed right hand side.