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  1. MackayRSA

    Getting Rid of Ammunitin?

    It's strange, they close easily enough prior to firing, but once fired it take significant effort to cycle the bolt. With federal the whole process is smooth as silk.
  2. MackayRSA

    Getting Rid of Ammunitin?

    As logical as that sounds, the PPU rounds seem to want to jam after firing, so I wouldn't take them after live quarry at all. Would hate to need a second shot and have to fight a jam. I'll pass them on to someone at the DSC1. My misfortune can be someone elses good fortune
  3. MackayRSA

    Getting Rid of Ammunitin?

    Haha that is very true! I can then blame any embarrassing misses on the ammunition too:lol:
  4. MackayRSA

    Getting Rid of Ammunitin?

    Thanks for the offer, but I think I'm going earn some good karma and donate it. I'm on the DSC1 with SikaMalc this weekend, so I might get him to pass it on to whoever won the .270 from the last draw.
  5. MackayRSA

    Getting Rid of Ammunitin?

    I think Dorset police might have polite word with me if I left them out for the bin men!
  6. MackayRSA

    Short/long action?

    I think Border hit the nail on the head there
  7. MackayRSA

    Getting Rid of Ammunitin?

    If you were a bit closer! Honestly, I can't even use them for practice, as once fired they make the bolt an absolute nightmare to cycle in my Steyr. I'm scared I'll be dealing with a jam. But a yankee relative loves them through his ruger. Think my rifle is just a bit of a tart when it comes...
  8. MackayRSA

    Getting Rid of Ammunitin?

    I've recently found a few boxes of PPU .270 ammunition and thought I had hit the jackpot, at £16 a box compared to my usual federal at £32 a box. Turns out they are completely unreliable through my rifle. I'm left with a full box that I wont be using. How can I get rid of these?
  9. MackayRSA

    latest on the 'Welsh Question'

    That's a very disappointing outcome. Like Kes rightly said, the fact that the JR was brought at all shows this technicality could not have been common knowledge. 3 organisations working together and none of them were aware of the time limit? Seems strange
  10. MackayRSA

    Cheap starter rifles

    I was planning to go to the auction, but I'm on SikaMalc's DSC1 course that weekend. First world problems haha.
  11. MackayRSA

    Introduction - DEM.

    Ive been here since 2001, but only recently got my FAC and SGC sorted. Taken a few deer here in the UK now and can't quite believe it's taken me this long to get back into it.
  12. MackayRSA

    Introduction - DEM.

    I'm based in North Dorset now, but originally from the sugar cane farms of KwazuluNatal
  13. MackayRSA

    Introduction - DEM.

    There's a few of us on here!
  14. MackayRSA

    Introduction - DEM.

    Welcome to the site! Good to see a fellow South African
  15. MackayRSA

    Sold: Webley&Scott Bolt action .410

    Outstanding generosity! That first purchase will always hold a special place in your heart
  16. MackayRSA

    Red stags bullet weight

    Granted I haven’t yet had the pleasure of taking a Red Stag, the 130g .270 is my round of choice for everything from bushbuck to kudu bulls out in South Africa. I can’t imagine it’ll struggle. Just go with Scottish deer legal ammunition you are confident in, that shoots well in your rifle.
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    Thanks very much Malcolm
  18. MackayRSA

    Ideal for someone looking to get into the sport

    Pinkpanther was the recipient of a very generous 243 already! This forum is truly outstanding
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    Maybe next time for me. Congratulations to the winners!!! Incredibly generous donations from all members involved, anonymous or otherwise.
  20. MackayRSA

    Noob rifle and calibre recommendations

    Interesting! I dont think they covered that part of the British Isles' history put in South Africa haha.