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  1. nun_hunter

    Getting Rid of Ammunitin?

    If you have a police station that's open and close by its the easiest option, not saying its the best but could be the quickest and least amount of hassle.
  2. nun_hunter

    Getting Rid of Ammunitin?

    Take them to a police station for disposal.
  3. nun_hunter

    Time for self regulation?

    If anyone had concerns about anyone else who they felt was planning or fantasising about committing murders I would expect them to report that to the police. Has nothing to do with being a firearms owner just about being a decent human being who doesn't want anyone to be needlessly killed.
  4. nun_hunter

    meaning of "Given" on Column C of FAC

    Not 100% but can't you have an FAC from 14 years old but can't buy a rifle until you are 18? Would that allow them to be gifted one prior to their 18th birthday?
  5. nun_hunter


    I agree, most of us have real lives and real friends to discuss politics and general chit chat those that need the Internet for that should join DSUK on Facebook. It's already got almost every banned member from all other forums on it.
  6. nun_hunter

    Terror Attack in NZ?

    Wow way to generalise nearly 2 billion people in one sweeping statement.
  7. nun_hunter

    Adjustable ir mount

    I have one of these Adjustable Laser Illuminator Mount - Scope & Weaver Rail Gun Mounts but bought on ebay direct from China for £14. It works exactly as you expect and holds zero. I've had other Night master products and while good they are massively over priced for what they actually are. They...
  8. nun_hunter

    Why ask?

    Likewise, my first FEO told me I couldn't shoot deer with my 243 as my FAC only stated "fox and AOLQ". Had I been a member on here and asked the question the advice would have saved my the cost of a DSC1 which is what he said I needed in order to have deer added.
  9. nun_hunter

    Golf Course

    I used to shoot on a golf course when I had a closed certificate. It was cleared up to 243.
  10. nun_hunter

    Terror Attack in NZ?

    No chance with the usual right wing heavy hitters on here who can't bite their tongues for one second even in the face of tradegy.
  11. nun_hunter

    For Sale: aim sport Triton 42s

    What diameter hole?
  12. nun_hunter

    Training collars??

    I had and used a sportdog one for a rehomed adult Jack Russell that had non existent recall, didn't matter if she was one metre away or 50. I read up on their use properly and followed the instructions exactly. I had to shock her twice only and then never again and her recall never faltered...
  13. nun_hunter

    Swazi The Hood?

    You're also paying for a family run business that makes its products in NZ and has stayed true to Davey's roots and his idea for the business. He could have sold out and made his gear cheaper in China but has committed to keeping it local. That is going to increase overheads so depends if you...
  14. nun_hunter

    223 recommendations

    I have a Howa 1500 in 223 and have owned a few Tikka T3s. The new Howas with the HACT trigger are in my opinion as good as the T3 in all that matters to a shooter. There are slight differences between them but nothing really that sets them apart enough to justify the cost of the Tikka over the...
  15. nun_hunter

    Good Easy to Use scope

    100% second this. It has capped turrets that are perfect for stalking but if you want to do a bit of lo ger range dialing in future then they are good for that too. Lovely little illuminated centre dot and great glass too
  16. nun_hunter


    I thought an RFD could send a mod to another RFD using standard post but it had to be sent to an RFD and not the end user as such? When I bought my mod from the manufacturer he posted it standard Royal Mail signed for to my RFD (I was there and opened it when it arrived) but my RFD had to write...
  17. nun_hunter

    Defeated again

    He is as bad as Cameron. Banged on about leaving drummed up plenty more leave votes then scarpered as soon as $hit got real and wanted nothing more to do with it.
  18. nun_hunter

    The language of death

    Also if you see some of the effort and expense some put into ploughing then planting feed plots, feed stations, towers/blinds etc and the recon that goes into one hunting trip then harvesting is quite appropriate.
  19. nun_hunter

    Distinguished Members

    I assumed it was down to the number of posts and time on the site?
  20. nun_hunter

    Cheaper scalpel style knife

    I have a Havalon Piranta and it uses a magnet to keep it closed so I can see where it may have slipped dopen while loose in a pocket, probably why it comes with a cordura belt pouch. For the more intricate work of gralloching it is amazing as it's so sharp and the blade size and profile is...