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    Kitchen stuff.

    I personally prefer granite worktops. Top product with great feel and look.
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    Welcome sir.
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    Hi all, New at stalking, so just starting.

    Welcome to the forum, Les.
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    hi to everyone. im newbie from kent :)

    Welcome mate.
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    Greetings from Essex

    Thanks all for your warm welcome messages.
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    Knife crime

    Well said. Actually drug and alcohol misuse is another issue leading stabbings.
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    Greetings from Essex

    Thanks chaps. Dengie 100
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    European Firearms Pass after BREXIT

    That's a quite bad news then while I am trying to get into a wild boar syndicate in Bulgaria now. :-| Hope it can be sorted out with a good outcome for us, shooters.
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    DSC1 Training Suggestion in/around Essex

    It's great that I managed to find a 2-day run course as taking days off the work is quite hard lately. I am doing my pre-study now with the documents provided by Pierre. He will go over all on these days and should be fine.
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    Greetings from Essex

    Hello all, I have been keeping eye on the threads for years then decided why not become a member. I have been shooting since I was child. Started with sling shot, moved to airgun, then shotgun and now I am getting into rifles. I am licenced shooter in Turkey since 2007, I have got my hunting...
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    DSC1 Training Suggestion in/around Essex

    Thanks all who responded my thread. I am taking my DSC1 with Pierre Driver on 4-5th of May. Looking forward to it! T.B.
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    European Firearms Pass after BREXIT

    Hello all, Does any of you know what will happen to EFP after Brexit? Will there be any similar licence to replace it? Are we able to take our rifles in any EU countries with ease like EFP? Thanks for the responses! T.B.
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    DSC1 Training Suggestion in/around Essex

    Thanks lads. Thanks to Internet, I have managed to contact both Pierre and DGVM however they don't offer anything nearer than May. I think I should be patient and wait for a little bit more. :lol:
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    Hello - London-based newbie looking for tips on how to get started

    Hi Ravelian, BASC also offers deer stalking for novices under their Deer Stalking Scheme. Worth to give them a ring to get more information.
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    Hi, Can you please count me in the draw? I already sent my details via PM for Level 1 course. Thanks.
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    DSC1 Training Suggestion in/around Essex

    Hi all, I am planning to take a DSC1 course in the following months. I made a search on internet and I have seen some offers 2-days course while others (eg: BASC) offers 4-day course. I am quite limited on taking days off from the work, so 2-days looks perfectly fine to me however I am thinking...