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    Vacancy: Trainee keeper opportunity

    I guess your the Three Degrees
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    For Sale: Le Chameau Chasseur

    Will send you a PM Regards
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    Bergara timber

    I`ve never owned a Begara but hear well of them. I have and still do own a 30.06 Remington. It has been bedded and a Dan Shilen trigger fitted and I am sure that it is as accurate as any factory rifle out there. I wonder if Begara rifles will obtain the same history that Remington have.
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    Sold: 416 Rigby Brass

    Still looking
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    Sold: 416 Rigby Brass

    Hi M275. If its only been fired once I would be interested. maybe PM your price and quantity you have to sell. Thanks & Regards
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    Here you go John, top this.

    What else do they mean ?? Invasive species can cause havoc with native wildlife
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    Sold: 416 Rigby Brass

    All sorted now
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    Rem 700 SA magazine conversion

    Roger at Rimfire Magic does a kit. Its is a polymer material and reasonable in price. I purchased one for a friend who has used it for the last couple of years with no problems at all.
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    A9 Roadworks

    I have just travelled North today to Invergordon and do so regularly. Roadworks weren't really too bad.
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    Hello from Ayrshire

    Welcome from another Ayrshire based enthusiast.
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    trigger springs

    Dave at Valkyrie rifles should be able to help you. I certainly have had the T3 springs from him. If he cant help on the CZ then Rimfire Magic will.
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    Needing Refurbishment my Alan Wood Knife

    I have a fairly old Alan Wood Knife that once belonged to a now passed SD member. I would like to get it re-profiled but cant find any way of direct contact to Mr Wood. Can anyone help. There was also Longstrider on the British Blades forum I'm sure he could also do a good job but again no way...
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    Stag Culling With Deerstalker 308

    Just had a great weekend with the gentleman above. Great ground loads of deer. Knowledgeable stalker really knows his stuff. Oh and he is real good company, a pleasure to stalk with. Cheers to you Andy.
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    Aftermarket Carbon Fibre Stock recommendations

    I have a PSE Hunter stock on my Tikka T3X Lite in 7mm-08. It is a left hand version that was done for ,e prior to a trip abroad. The stock is really stiff, light and finish of paintwork was flawless. I had the flush mounted swivels on the stock side fitted and use one of the Aim point...
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    Wanted: some reloading gear. Press, scales, powder measure

    I have a RCBS powder thrower that is spare to me now. It is the standard large rifle model. If interested PM me for more info , price etc Cheers
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    Fitting R/H T3 stock to L/H

    I have a standard TX3 Lite L/Hand synthetic stock that is spare as I replaced it with one from Eigs company. It is brand new. A deal could be done !! Cheers
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    Sold: Rolex submariner 16610

    16610 Models are still produced I believe.
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    Digital Riflescope Comparison

    Gents I need help. I have a thermal spotter and intend to but a Digital Riflescope setup. Was thinking either Ward 800L add on using my Delta 2-15 x 56 HD Scope or a Pulsar N355. Opinions appreciated from members who have the knowledge Thanks in advance
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    Recommend me a decent draw scope that is cheap

    That's the one I have an Optolyth. Bought two at the time and they came from Malta ? Brand New ones
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    Recommend me a decent draw scope that is cheap

    I have a Russian ex millitary draw scope bought from the evil bay couple of years back. It was brand new in the tube. Not equivalent of a Grays of course but it was only £60.00 at the time. Cant remember the maker just now but I will check after the game ( I like football) and post the name...