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  1. Edinburgh Rifles

    RL 16 in 6.5 CM

    If your chasing velocity rs60 and n550 are the two to choose Compressed loads are not bad per se But if too compressed you can get a solid column down the centre that can create a variable burn rate and issues Will run yours through quick load and see what is spit out theoretically
  2. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: Tikka t3 lite aftermarket stock

    Form Carro fully adjustable?
  3. Edinburgh Rifles

    For Sale: Miroku MK38 Sporter Grade 5

    Stunning example of the MK38 Sporter Grade 5 wood, this one benefits from having been professionally refinished to a very high standard Gun is tight with minimal signs of use Top lever is as firm as it was from factory on its first outing 30" barrels 14 3/4" 2 3/4" Multi/Multi choke Complete...
  4. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: tikka 595 picatinny rail

    brand new Britannia rail with screws £54 posted
  5. Edinburgh Rifles

    Full length or neck resize

    The video is fine if you happen to have a variable set of shellholders to alter the amount of shoulder bump based on the shell holder making contact with the die OP Set up you FL die so the brass ONLY JUST CHAMBERS IN YOUR RIFLE if you set it up as per the instructions (Shell holder touching...
  6. Edinburgh Rifles

    .222 flattened primers

    Primer condition is one of many signs its not an indication on its own of just a high pressure charge the rest of the case needs to be taken into consideration Cases sized too much have more room to move Add several times fired with hard necks that don't seal as well Causing the case to slip...
  7. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: GRS Stock

    What about a Form Carro fully adjustable?
  8. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: 5/8x24 to 18x1 thread adaptor

    Hausken barrel nut is about £15
  9. Edinburgh Rifles

    .222 flattened primers

    How many times fired? Full length sizing? What does the rest of the case look like?
  10. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: Rem 700 SA mag spring

    one here pm me
  11. Edinburgh Rifles

    300 blackout

    played with a Remington SPS in 300AAC awesome fun very quiet 8gr of N110 under 200gr Gameking and it was banging gongs without fuss shot after shot wouldn't hesitate to use it on game or vermin
  12. Edinburgh Rifles

    Blaser grs stock bedding

    do it it can crack if you don't
  13. Edinburgh Rifles

    Removing Bluing

    angle grinder
  14. Edinburgh Rifles

    S&B 7x57 ammunition for sale

    and possibly a location
  15. Edinburgh Rifles

    Wanted: 6.5x55 swe competion die set

    these are used
  16. Edinburgh Rifles

    For Sale: Beretta 12 gauge 687 Silver Pigeon II

    provisionally sold
  17. Edinburgh Rifles

    For Sale: R8 .243 Barrel and Mag insert (NEW)

    Brand new barrel and insert 15x1 (non spigot) standard profile £775 (shipped to an RFD)
  18. Edinburgh Rifles

    For Sale: Mauser M18 Package deal

    also available with the new Featherweight FW149 moderator 149gr the lightest centrefire moderator on the market
  19. Edinburgh Rifles

    For Sale: Beretta 12g Ultralight Deluxe

    can come with spare additional full length stock