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    For Sale: Contessa QD Blaser forward extended rail

    Put it on the blaser club site.
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    For Sale: Blaser saddle rail mount

    Put it on the blaser club web site.
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    Wanted: Budget stalking scope

    Yes it is they are both 1”
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    Wanted: Budget stalking scope

    Kahles 7x56 ir and a Zeiss 8x56 for sale £400/£350 open to very near offer.
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    Wanted: Sako 75 in WSM Calibre (SM Action)

    It’s a Sako 75 stainless synthetic green and black stock! Full set up if required, bit thick don’t really know about (SM)
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    Wanted: Sako 75 in WSM Calibre (SM Action)

    Have a .308 for sale?
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    For Sale: Blaser R8

    If quick release I am very interested in the saddle mount and 30mm rings please?
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    For Sale: Blaser Bits and Pieces

    What grade wood ect please?
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    For Sale: Blaser Bits and Pieces

    Is it R8 success professional Please?
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    Red stag stalking Scotland

    I’m going 2nd week in October and really looking forward to the stalking ect! But not looking forward to the 450 mile drive each way. Never shot a red stag so if I get one I will be very pleased booked 3 days stalking. Hope you have a great time.
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    Available: Wild boar hunting in Hungary May 16-19

    When you say 6 outings I gather that is morning and evening stalk?
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    Wanted: Blaser R8 saddle mount

    How much are you looking for if you still have them please?
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    Wanted: Wanted

    Blaser R8 professional success saddle mount mount and 30mm rings please ( sensible prices please) will only use a couple of times a year!
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    Wanted: Sako 75

    Have 1” rings and bases for Sako 75 opti lock £85 posted
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    R8 Blaser professional success rings and saddle mount

    Hi all looking for a saddle mount and 30mm rings what’s about for sale please? (at a sensible price)
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    For Sale: .224 bullets

    If that’s posted I’ll have the blitzking please?
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    Wanted: .308 brass

    How many are you looking for,?
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    Sold: Genuine QD Blaser R93, R8 mount 30mm

    Where are you based please as interested in this?
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    Sold: Aimpoint H34S Scope

    Long time no see how’s it going paul.