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  1. Klenchblaize

    For Sale: 10x56 Zeiss Nightowl

    Hi How about £120 and I'll show them some love? Please. Thank you. K :cry:
  2. Klenchblaize

    Vinyl Friday

    One for the Brexit Party and that we may ALL sing along to! Well maybe not the parties who've been STIFFed today! K
  3. Klenchblaize

    Wanted: H414

    Paul You've got me worried - Bisley is in SURREY! I'll double-check but I may have an opened tub I used for my 220 swift. Not sure how much is in it but every little helps? K
  4. Klenchblaize

    For Sale: .505 Gibbs 'Safari' Dumoulin Herstal, Belgium (Browning)

    I have a Dumoulin but it's not that nice or in such a stonkingly delightful woodland roe chambering. K
  5. Klenchblaize

    Guns & Ammo Precision Rifle Shooter magazine

    It's not Guns & Ammo as I knew it!:old: But I'd like a copy so I may better understand how this Tacticool Rail & Carbon obsession might assist with achieving DSCL2. K
  6. Klenchblaize

    Pursuit International

    Issue 1 or 3 if you like Chamois Hunting: All the best K
  7. Klenchblaize

    For Sale: H322 for sale

    Hi Paul Are you attending the Phoenix Meeting this Weekend? I could do with a couple of tubs please. Thanks K
  8. Klenchblaize

    Malcolm achieves perfection

    Indeed. What do you think a c$1000 Alan Wood knife is for! K
  9. Klenchblaize

    Wanted: Air Arms Pro Sporter Air Rifle

    in very good condition, walnut stock and idealy of 177 chambering with non FAC FPS rating. Thank you K
  10. Klenchblaize

    !!gun sling swivels which are best!!

    I wonder how many SD members have had a UM swivel let go under field conditions other than when fitted - I use the word advisedly - to a Harris bipod? K
  11. Klenchblaize

    Crimping !

    Yes, let's hope Royal Mail continue to study such typical reference material. K
  12. Klenchblaize

    Looking for hides to tan

    I asked a German girlfriend that once and got a kick in the upper area of my over-tight loon pants! K
  13. Klenchblaize

    Pursuit International

    Bump. I now have all publications to date and recommend them. K
  14. Klenchblaize

    Crimping !

    Coppper & Lead Ingots K
  15. Klenchblaize

    New scope?

    In an ideal world you would use a 36-power scope with ultra fine crosshair for load development and then switch to a hunting scope of your choice. If you keep your eyes open a suitable Weaver high mag target scope can be picked up for not a lot of money. K
  16. Klenchblaize

    For Sale: TR23-2 Trijicon/AccuPoint® 5-20x50 Scope

    Bump. Can do a face-to-face on Saturday at the Bisley Phoenix trade show. K
  17. Klenchblaize

    Crimping !

    Only if it's for a 22 Hornet!! :stir: K
  18. Klenchblaize

    Malcolm achieves perfection

    Looks like the haunt of another fair-weather chef! Across the border in Kent we are made of sterner stuff and 3 sausages has always been our standard offering: K
  19. Klenchblaize

    Malcolm achieves perfection

    Yes, but are they cooked and served outdoors? I can't offer medal heads but I do have a ***** kitchen in the woods and one at least equal to Jamie Oliver's in respect of covers! K
  20. Klenchblaize

    257 Weatherby

    Get shooting! K