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  1. philip

    Wrong rifle wrong place + Cubs + adults

    Memories of stingers - 10 stinger shots through the Annie semi auto, back home re tighten all screws and bolts, shook loose with the recoil, It still brings a smile back when I think of that rifle, even though it was many many years ago, when it had stingers in its throat it was nearly a...
  2. philip

    Credit where its due

    Same here I don’t do FB or E bay as I’ve messed up the password thingy be jig :doh: Have to ask other people to buy something on the bay of evil for me - I’m bloody useless:rolleyes::rolleyes: Thank goodness we have Email and the ye olde mobile phone I’d be scuppered otherwise
  3. philip

    Wrong rifle wrong place + Cubs + adults

    When I grassed the rabbits it was 60 yds on moving back, range would have been 90 + yds wee bit long for the LR head shot, they’ll keep for another day, when I’ve got the appropriate calibre:doh:
  4. philip

    Swap: S&B. 3-12 x 50 zenith A7 reticule for a low mag S&B 1.2 - 2.5. X

    Looking for a swap for a variable low mag scope S&B ( zenith) I can e mail or text pics over if you pm contact details Cheers Phil
  5. philip

    HMR, WMR or WSM - some real world advice please

    22 or 17 hornet - both are a delight to use and have a decent knockdown and range WMR fantastic round and accurate out to a 100 yds Overall I shoot my 22 hornet out to a 100 ish and it’s shoots 1/2 inch groups all day as does the WMR on an 1 inch group The 17 hornet still working on
  6. philip

    .22 rimfire

    Eley subs are probably the most accurate and quiet, but are greasy, I had a a Sako quad in 22LR and after 10 rounds it clogged up with Eley, I now use CCI segmented to reduce a chance of a bouncer in R93 it’s quiet and works perfectly
  7. philip

    Fallow Dear Stalking..

    Give gap 180 a PM they are a good crew, might be able to put you on one
  8. philip

    Wrong rifle wrong place + Cubs + adults

    Out tonight with .22 LR on Rabbits grassed 3 rabbits then spied some more on route further up, moved the truck up 40 yds - gazing through the thermal - Teckel yips up looks back to the rabbits grassed vixen there ( still really good light) and picks up a rabbit and a bolter took them over to two...
  9. philip

    HMR, WMR or WSM - some real world advice please

    Been through all the caliber’s over the yearsI’ve settled on ,the 22 LR 22 hornet and recently 17 hornet
  10. philip

    Blocked users

    Hi Glyn Yep I would agree with you on that, with the exception in part of the traders, some of the guys ( traders) are faultless in the way they put the goods up for sale and the after service is second to none, you don’t find that on the rob you blind internet and high street shopping, Sites...
  11. philip

    Fox cubs.

    I’m out tonight having a tidy up
  12. philip

    Salmon farming...finally the truth?

    Really logical point on the dry land fish farms, being able to envelope the waste and treat diseases in a contained area - it makes sense but on reflection when the fish farm industry kicked off it was only time that would show the environmental pitfalls having the farms in free running water...
  13. philip

    Sacrificial planting - how to distract roe bucks?

    I’ve had the opportunity to install 3 deer gardens and to date they have worked reasonably well to good My first mistake was to get plants that were supposed to be the bestest and every deers favourite, after a short learning curve I took down the names of the plants they actually consumed in...
  14. philip

    Time to get Proactive???

    PROACTIVE It’s never too late, We have a voice through the shooting institutions, that is our best way to get our message through BASC, CA NGO BDS whoever steps in the breech now will need OUR support 100% this is serious and we all need to support and also give time and money to catch up...
  15. philip

    Swallow, Swift and Martin watch!

    Swifts today on the old winchelsea ( cliff road) road from Hastings at least 10 of em Spring is gradually arriving :)
  16. philip

    Red letter day today

    I haven’t seen a turtle dove for 7 years Been out on the Rainham ( Kent ) marshes today Pair of breeding Turtle doves in a whitethorn tree 2 separate cuckoos and a Merlin Out on the Estuary. - Wigeon male and female all in three hours out walking the dog
  17. philip

    Reset yukon photon zero?

    Cheers Tulloch Appreciated Phil
  18. philip

    Reset yukon photon zero?

    Tulloch Sounds good where can you find the videos , on you tube under photon alignment. ?? Or is there a specific site Cheers in advance Phil
  19. philip


    Hi Finch Just out of interest, one of my SSSI sites ( not wetland) I look after, after considerable debate ( I thought for a minute they wanted me to use a catapult) I can only use non toxic Ammo which has brought me to using non tox 35 grn in my 222 it’s a bit OTT but combined with Ferreting...
  20. philip

    6.5 for fox and deer

    6.5 x 55 is a great caliber, mine likes 120 grn BT for foxing and I use 165 grn for deer, I found the 120 grn busted the exit side leg up on deer and settled on the heavier round now, works a treat Good luck on what you choose either way 6.5 is a nice caliber to have Phil