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  1. basil

    For Sale: Holiday Cottage Rental in the Highlands

    Another stunning place in another stunning location. Shame about the no dogs. Rules me out as if my dogs cant go then Im not going. (That`s anywhere and everywhere)
  2. basil

    Well played Wales....

    Yes. England let themselves down. Poor second half.
  3. basil


    If it were down to me then this would be down to a supporters only draw .. you get out what you put in so I honestly hope a supporter wins it. (I hope I`ve not spoken out of turn in saying that) Being a supporter costs pennies, a few pints, a few bullets or a gallon of fuel a year. Anyway...
  4. basil

    Ferry to Isle of Mull

    Thank you. Not as bad as I imagined it might be.
  5. basil

    Ferry to Isle of Mull

    I’ve looked, my Mrs has looked but we can’t find the cost of the ferry from Oban to Craignure on the Isle of Mull. Sheila wants to tour the Island in May so can anyone point me in the right direction please? (Not to the island .. the cost of the ferry) :tiphat:
  6. basil

    Vac Pac bags/rolls.

    Thanks David. I went into our Llidls .. they said they havent any and didnt know when they would get them in next. Ill call in there when I am there next. :tiphat:
  7. basil

    Vac Pac bags/rolls.

    Our Llidl rarely stocks them. Tried a few times.
  8. basil

    Vac Pac bags/rolls.

    Apologies if this has been done before. Where does everyone buy their vac pac stuff from please? :tiphat:
  9. basil

    Place your bets......Scotland v Ireland six nations.

    Scotland were touted as having the edge in this game this morning. Can`t see it myself but looking forward to a great game. Ireland for me.
  10. basil

    Venison Burgers

    Sounds good to me apart from the Garlic. I detest the stuff! Can I pinch this for my site please?
  11. basil

    1580 Posts

    I did John. The title was So . . .
  12. basil

    Dogs that recognise illness

    Sorry to hear of your news Ed. Good luck in kicking the cancers ass. I’ve said it before .. dogs aren’t given the credit they deserve. They are capable of more than what a lot of people realise and you won`t find a more loyal friend. If only they could talk.
  13. basil

    1580 Posts

    So . . . .
  14. basil

    Life Insurance.

    Who are you with? It seems to be a real minefield out there. We haven`t got much to put into it a month but something is better than nothing. Any advice is much appreciated.
  15. basil

    Wild life camera/trail cam

    I live in the middle of a housing estate and have a Fox come in the garden every night, has a sniff around the chicken house then goes next door and feeds on their compost heap. It comes in and goes out over a six foot fence. Fox is where my money lies, they`re in built up areas more than...
  16. basil

    Addenbrookes ,Thanks from them and Nylo,s family

    My pleasure Iain. To add to this I`ve managed to squeeze in the draw for the previously mentioned key holder.:thumb: Apologies for the late draw but work has got in the way a little. Anyway, the winner of the key holder is ....... VSS.
  17. basil

    Viagra ....

  18. basil

    Malcolms fantastic offer in aid of Addenbrooks Hospital.

    Ken. 25 Sharps won Malcolm`s Offer and Dickie won the win a stalk. There is one more draw to do for the key holder that I`ll be making in the next two or three weeks. Everyone who contributed to the draws, Admin and tozzybum is included in this. I might even draw this tonight!
  19. basil

    Win a stalk for a tenner in memory of Nylo.

    Gents and Mouse. The winner of Malcolm`s Offer is .... 25 Sharps. The winner of the Win a stalk draw is ... Dickie. Congratulations to you both. Thank you everyone for taking part and giving so generously. John.
  20. basil

    Win a stalk for a tenner in memory of Nylo.

    These draws are now closed. I will announce the winners at 8pm. Good luck all and thank you. John.