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    Posted a thread in the dog section on stolen puppies.
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    Wanted: Cockapoo puppies

    Five puppies stolen from Falkland near Bath all micro chipped phone number 07523342146 if you hear anything.Dont know any more than that my partner just had it come up on one of here face book thingys
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    Popular turkey auction cancelled because of vegan protest at community farm in Bristol.When will it end.
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    Real fur

    Anyone from Gloucester see the news article on a boutique selling real fur trimmed coats getting targeted by antis.
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    Another ban

    Pheasant shooting to be banned on public land in wales from next year.
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    30 years for rogue RFD

    Rogue dealer gets 30 years.Judges summing up doesn’t make good reading for us or the 50 cal club.Western daily press has a 2page spread on it.Worth reading the judges summing up.
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    National trust

    Must be the month to ban/stop hunting etc.Natinal trust to have a vote to stop drag hunting on national trust land backed by LACS and Ralph finnes who sounds like he wants all hunting and killing stopped.
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    Front page of the Telegraph today RSPCA demand police power.Luckily it doesn't have much backing from MPs.
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    Slurry tanker

    Does anybody know of a slurry tanker for sale in the south west, doesn't need to work as long as its towable and water tight.Thanks
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    What is it with internet buying

    We are just into 2017?and already 3 Banks I don't bank with has a problem with my account and need all my details,PayPal account, E-bay account ,Amazon account all restricted until they all have my account details.Is it just me or has most of the trust has gone with internet buying
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    What is it with internet buyinge all my detail

    We are just into 2017?and already 3 Banks I don't bank with has a problem with my account and need all my details,PayPal account, E-bay account ,Amazon account all restricted until theybhav
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    RSPCA prosecution

    Western daily press carries a report today off a successful prosecution of deer poachers.So perhaps they are not all out to get us.
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    BASC Cirencester stalking evening.

    Interesting evening.Out of those that attended what did you think of the training and insurance thing seeing as a lot of us has BASC insurance.Surely they should tell their/our insurance company we will look else where if you insist on compulsory training.
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    Poaching report

    Saturdays Western daily press poaching on the Cotswolds
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    I'm thinking about a trip to Botswana for hunting,anybody been or got any experience.
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    Five people arrested and guns seized in the West Country poaching and illegal meat sales.Saturdays Western daily press
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    Primos sticks

    Anybody used their sticks in the wet weather and left them wet or damp will be in for a surprise when you go to use them.I used mine got them wet and muddy wipe them off put them away,get them out last night to go out early this morning only to find them seized solid
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    Men in black

    People in the south west of England deer area men in black pick ups driving around glassing ground they have no permission on.Then farmer or land owner gets a call to say he has an injured deer on his land would it be ok to dispatch it.An L of A pain when you have watched said deer browsing a...
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    School ban

    Boy banned from school for taking toy gun into school.Full story in Saturdays Western daily press.Three teachers felt threatened by bright orange gun!!?.Please try and read full account
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    How can I check which option I took out for the supporter club