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    Watch the video I think they made the film up. One shot the plug on the wall is in the next its out watch the girl in the beginning jump out of her skin.Look at his sun glasses neatly tucked in to the top of his shirt. Plenty of clearance around the post.The only person panicking is the idiot...
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    Woman trampled by cows

    Anyway wonder how the woman that got trampled on is doing
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    Change of tactics...

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    Is he for real???

    If you read up on the interviews that all of justice for wildlife have done there is a certain amount of back tracking now they realise that not all of the public and bird lovers are on their side
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    All found and returned
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    Wanted: Cockapoo puppies

    All found and returned to owner now
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    Posted there in case somebody was looking or been offered one
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    For Sale: Wild Edge Handmade Knife - The Musketeer

    What a beautiful looking knife the second one is give me a shout when you up grade this one.
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    Posted a thread in the dog section on stolen puppies.
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    Wanted: Cockapoo puppies

    Five puppies stolen from Falkland near Bath all micro chipped phone number 07523342146 if you hear anything.Dont know any more than that my partner just had it come up on one of here face book thingys
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    Woman trampled by cows

    Dexter’s now they can be quite a handful
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    Woman trampled by cows

    This is true until you get n arrogant rambler who’s look on it well it’s got a public footpath there so I WILL walk it. Then there’s the other shout going to be this field has a footpath going through it so no cattle are allowed in it.Perhaps some of the old public information adverts should be...
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    Woman trampled by cows

    You have to read the write up to believe it nothing like sensational journalism. The cattle were frenzied and foaming at the mouth for Christ sakes.
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    South Hereford Hunt cruelty.....

    At the summing up I think the judge also said they had lost their jobs and house as well
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    Choose a good caption for this Picture

    Are you sure this pard008 isn’t a Chinese copy
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    Rejected Petition......

    Because when it reaches a certain threshold it has to be discussed in parliament?
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    Here We Go Again. This Time It’s Badgers Though

    It’s the same old adage he who shouts loudest gets heard.Nobody wants to shout why they are on a badger cull because of the repercussions from the antis.
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    Honorary Doctorates?

    I’ve got a masters in baiting so what does that make me?
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    Free deer management

    They will be now.Free advert on the biggest stalking web site
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    Corbyn could win

    How about Jacob Rees-Mogg