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    First shot issue

    I’m hoping to pick your collective brains. I’ve just got back from the range where I was fine tuning a load for my 17 Rem. It’s a Sako 75 Varmint with Wildcat Evo. mod (20gr Noslers, N135, 71/2 primers). I was looking at loads between 23.6 and 23.9gr 23.6 was grouping around 3cm 23.7 was...
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    Sold: Tikka T3 stock

    I’m looking for an aftermarket Tikka T3 stock, something I can pillar and glass bed if needed. A Robertson, McMillan, B&C, GRS, etc. Anyone have a stock they’re not using? Many thanks N
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    Brownells uk

    Just been on the Brownells uk looking at Bell &Carlson stocks. Polymer stock £456.80 in the uk €379.60 (£335.83) in Ireland. What’s that all about??? Yet another uk ripoff?
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    Wanted: Sako 75 bore guide

    I’m looking for a bore guide to fit a Sako 75 action 1 in 17, 222, 223 size if anyone has one they’re no longer using. Cheers N
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    Removing carbon build up from moderator

    I’ve a DPT moderator that’s, after around 300rounds, starting to get a build up of carbon on it. Can anyone advise me as to what I can use to remove the carbon without damaging the moderator’s alloy or anodising? My original plan was to just leave it as I’ve been told “they get quieter once the...
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    Sold: Jewell HVRTS trigger for Rem 700

    Lovely light and crisp Jewell trigger with bolt release and top safety to fit Right hand Remington 700 action. Very nice used condition. £200 posted within the uk.
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    Sako 75 Britannia rail

    Has anyone used a Britannia rail on a Sako 75 (not sure if Third Eye rails are the same rail). The rail looks to sit nice and low but do the grub screws cut into the top of the action? The Near Manufacturing rail looks nice too but is there a uk supplier; they’re $198 too which seems expensive...
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    For Sale: DNZ Game Reaper Rem 700 SA

    Matte silver DNZ Game Reaper Mount to fit Rem 700 SA for 1” tubed scope. All screws present. In as new condition, I sold the rifle after 1 visit to the range so as new. Top quality mount that’s precision engineered for strength and perfect alignment. To give an idea of height, it was a perfect...
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    Sold: Anschutz 22LR magazine

    Anyone got a Anschutz 22LR magazine gathering dust? It’s to fit my 1416 but I think they may all be the same. Thanks Ttocs
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    Wanted: Tikka rifle or action 223, 222, 204, 17Rem, 17FB for rebarrell

    Good afternoon all. I’m looking for a Tikka rifle or action 223, 222, 204 17Rem for rebarrell. Anything out there?
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    For Sale: Hornady Pacific Model M reloading scales

    For sale my Hornady Model M scales. These are lovely sensitive quality scale that has been out of production for many years. However, I managed to find a set that were new and unused in their box some time ago. I’ve used them probably 3 or 4 times but I’ve too many sets so these need to go. Now...
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    Sold: Mitutoyo 8” / 200mm calipers

    For sale my Mitutoyo vernier callipers, they are both metric and imperial. Very nice little used callipers with no play. £30 posted within the uk.
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    Wanted: Moderated 20g or .410 shotgun

    Hi, I’m after a used .410 or 20g shotgun; cosmetic condition not too important. Anything out there for sale? Cheers Ttocs
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    204 Ruger powder

    About to start reloading for my 204 Ruger (T3 lite stainless) using Sierras in 32 and 39gr, Hornady brass and Rem 71/2 primers. I’ve some Vhit N135 but read on American forums Vhit powders lead to split necks on the 204R. I’ve read that 10X is a good option; has anyone on here used it in their...
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    Remington 700 throat length

    Some time ago I bought a Remington 700 in 17 Rem. Put some factory 20gn V-Max through it 2-3” groups. I’ve reloaded some of the cases with 20gn Nosler Varmageddon and N135 Rem. No 9 primers (bullet seated to 2.150” COL) The loads I shot weren’t great 1-2” groups. Put some 25gn Remington...
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    204 Berger Varmint Match

    Happy New Year all. Any one using or used 35 gr Berger Varmint Match in their 204/20 cal.? I’m about to start reloading for my Tikka T3X Lite 204, it shoots factory 32gr Vmax .25” groups but I get a few ‘splashes’ on foxes so thought I’d look for sometinng slightly less explosive but not a...
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    Bore guide 17 Rem

    Can I ask for a recommendation for a bore/cleaning rod guide that will do for my Remington 700 17 Rem and, if possible, my Tikka 204 Ruger. There seems to be lots of options out there, but will the bore of a universal be to big. What are you using and how do you rate it. Cheers Ttocs
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    Sold: MTM Predator shooting rest

    MTM adjustable rifle rest, had very little use. Sold pending the usual posted mainland uk
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    For Sale: Sako Quad Hunter 17HMR

    I’ve decided to sell my Sako Quad Hunter in 17HMR as it’s just sitting in the cabinet not getting used. I bought the rifle new from Bagnal & Kirkwood Newcastle to replace my 22LR and found it a revelation. However, I don’t shoot just rabbits very often and it’s not getting used. Round count I...
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    Sold: Adjustable Compact Torch Mount 1”

    Compact adjustable torch mount. Just like the Drone Pro torch mount the mounts have a ball shaped plastic liner that allows the torch to be moved to allign with scope; once aligned, tighten screws and it’s locked in position. It’s a kind of lockable ball and socket joint. 1” fits most torches...