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    95g vmax

    Hi gents is anyone have load for 95g vmax for 6.5x55 there is nothing for that weight in my manual best would be for vit n160.and I cant find hornady data on line.Thanks
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    Wanted: 6.5

    Hi guys anyone got some sierra prohunters 120g.for sale half boxes or whatever you got.thanks dont nead 1000
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    223 bullet

    Hi is hornady is still making 52grain 224 A maxes or should I develop load with v max 53 grain don't want to start with a max and than start again with v max if you know what I mean.
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    Wanted: n133

    Hi anyone in Aberdeenshire has some of n133 I want to try it in my 223 or maybe RFD that has it in stock thanks for help:lol:
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    For Sale: 6.5x55 dies and hornady balance scale

    lee neck sizing and seating die with shell holder 6.5x55 and hornady balance scale old style 350 grains.i would like 30£ for dies and 40£ for scale all including postage, photos via e mail or phone cant upload them here for some reason. thanks
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    Sold: vanguard equalizer bipod 3qs

    for sale vanguard bipod with quick detach mount £55 posted please its in very good condition.
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    1st time reloads groups

    Hi manage to get some time trying my reloads with 6,5 120g sierra pro hunter, it was quite windy and it started raining but I think I did ok all fired no problem no pressure signs at all worst group was with 50,5g at 2 inches and the best one was 0.860 in with 50,0g and just over an inch...
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    sizing problem

    Hi yesterday I've tried to do my first FL resizing for my 6.5 and it was a disaster done about 20 cases almost reedy for priming and decided to check if they will chamber and they didn't bolt was quite stiff to lock down much more that fire formed brass from that rifle annoyed was an...
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    Wanted: brass wanted

    wanted 6,5x55 brass once fired pref ppu coz alredy have some please
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    Finally decided to do it

    Today just bought a lee challenger press kit thanks to Takbok link, been reading about it on here on line and watching videos for past 2 months ,and now I have so many questions want to load for my new 6,5x55 and maybe 223 later as well mostly will shoot roe around Aberdeen for now the question...
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    Sold: Nikon Monarch X

    Hi i have for sale my nikon monarch x 4-16x50 SF mill dot scope with target turets box an all paperwork also comes with it its in very good con. curently mounted on my 223 will come with vortex flip caps mutch better than butler creek got it from my shooting friend when he stop hunting was on...
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    Sold: celestron ultima

    Hi for sale celestrol ultima 20-60x80 spotting scope only taken out once together with box and hama tripod it can extend to 160 cm i think im 190cm and can use it standing no problem. great clear picture has a 10 year waranty as well great for xmas present 110£posted please paid mutch more for...
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    Sold: gunsmith maintenance center

    Hi for sale as above think only used once looks brand new 30£ posted please
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    Sold: Casstrőm field saw nm7

    As above never used guys 20£ posted please great christmas gift;).
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    howa1500 extraction issue

    Hi my howa bolt does not hold empty case enough to eject it bolt lifts ok but extractor is relising fired case when going over magazine is the extractor spring too weak, and who would have spare parts like that for my howa in 223. thanks
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    meopta meopro 4x12x50

    hi guys just seen a good deal at sportsman gun center on meopta 4x12x50 and started searching for some info about that scope ist a great price but ive found even better one at one of polish websites specially with exchange rates it will cost 270 quid aprox for a brand new scope how do you rate...
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    4x4 advise

    Hi everyone im looking to by 2nd car alredy have familly car,wife will be using it from now it a shame to take Passat in the muddy gateways with my dirty boots and all the stuff that is essential for my shooting i looking for 4x4 thats is not to bad on fuel not going to brake all the time, and...
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    new arrow nv

    hi everyone im wondering iff anyone has seen new nv ad on from starlight ,arrow unit i thing ,they should be at the shooting show1 time anyone seen it?
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    Question about new caliber

    Hi ive been shooting foxes in aberdeenshire for about 2 years now and some roe with my 223 was thinking to get something bigger for roe (im shooting more off it now.)dont know what scotish new force will think about that?, have closed license what chances do i have for say 308 for roe i would...
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    hello its getting preaty cold and wet in normally sunny scotland,so im neading warm wellies check fiev websites but some of the prices knock me over,i have 40 maybe 50 quid for a pair.thanks for the advise gents.what are you wearing?