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    Laksen Buck jacket

    Initially I was very pleased with this jacket, very comfortable, good fit and pockets in all the right places. However the stitching on the garment is not so great, one of the pockets is already coming adrift after only 4 months.
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    Beceite Ibex

    Just a couple of pics from an Ibex hunt I had in Spain last week. The stalking was amazing and the guiding was first class, the area was so beautiful and as an added bonus unlike Scotland it was lovely and dry! We saw plenty of good Ibex and I was impressed that no animals under 9 years old...
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    Mellness Forest visit.

    I am suffering from the dreaded post holiday blues. There is only 1 man to blame for this. David Brown of Mellness Forest. David has restored my faith in human nature for sure. He kindly invited me up to his ground for a look round after I asked if he had managed to get a swap sorted out for...
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    Bury meeting

    When is the Basc meeting at Great Welnetham this year??
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    A Land Rover question.

    If I were in the market to buy a Defender 90 and had a £4-6k budget, would I be better off with a late 300Tdi or an Early Td5?
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    .22 non toxic.

    Does anyone know if there is any .22 subsonic ammo available?
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    Flights to Spain

    All I'm off to Spain in December with my rifle, can anyone suggest which airline may be best please??
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    3 question/observations.

    I've noticed just of late one hell of a lot of scrapeing from Muntjac bucks in several locations, how come they seem to be getting so territorial at the minute when they breed all year round? Also there has been a lot of antler rubbing from Fallow bucks on mostly Laurel bushes on my ground yet...
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    Isuzu D Max

    I had a look at the new DMax at the weekend, drove quite well and on paper seems pretty good, backed up by a 5 year 125K warranty too, does anyone have any experience of them?
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    This may have been asked already, where were the final scenes of Skyfall shot, looks like great country, someone on here must know?
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    North Harris Red Stag

    I have just returned from the most outstanding weeks stalking up on North Harris where I succeeded in taking a Royal with open sights on a clear day with views of St Kilda in the back ground, truly breath taking. Back to work this week has not been much fun at all!!!
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    Gold Muntjac Bucks

    What would be the going rate for a stalk taking a gold medal munty? It's just that I've got a bit of ground that seems to have some really nice examples on it and I'm thinking about the possibility of selling some off. Amhuinnsuidhe
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    .375 zero

    Morning all At what point does a 300grn bullet first go through the line of sight when trying to achieve a 100 yard zero with 300grn bullets with a .375, it's just that an A4 page is very small at 100yds with open sights! Amhuinnsuidhe
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    DSC 2 Thank you

    Thank you to Monkey Spanker and Lee 6.5 for their witnessing of my L2. Cheers lads!
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    Water deer behaving oddly?

    I saw a CWD this morning shaking it's head as a dog would if it had water in it's ear, it would then spin round in a complete circle doing a bucking broncho style motion then run on for 10-15 yards and repeat the whole process again. Any ideas? Amhuinnsuidhe
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    Does anyone know of a decent off road tyre to fit 265/65/17, bfg do not appear to one in this size, Michelin do the Latitude cross, has anyone used these? Jonathan
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    Talk about rain stopped play. We've had 62mm of rain in 2 days, haven't harvested a single onion yet and 350 acres to do and stuck in the bloody office day dreaming about stalking, finding jobs for 14 lads on wet days is not much fun at this time of year! Talk about a watch kettle never boils...
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    A good read.

    Morning all. Have just about finished reading Death in the Silent Places by Peter Hathaway Capstick. One hell of a riveting read. Tells the stories of some of the big names in hunting such as Jim Corbett (The man eating Leopard of Rudraprayag), WDM Karamojo Bell (The wanderings of an...
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    British Deer Society

    I've been considering joining for ages, anyone have any views on the pros and cons? Regards Amhuinnsuidhe
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    .375 h&h

    Right, I've been granted a .375 H&H, getting a Sako 85 with open sights. What mag scope will be best to slap atop? Main use will be split between highlands and Africa. Amhuinnsuidhe