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    Wanted: Sightron 2.5-17.5 x 56

    If anyone has one they are thinking of getting rid of I'd be interested thank you.
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    Wanted: Ward 800 bush

    Anyone got a Bush for a hawke sidewinder they want to sell or know a good place to get one? Thanks
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    Racken rest

    Anyone used one, tempted to try one but would like some opinions cheers
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    Wanted: Ruger 77 / 22 picatinny rail or bases

    Just in case anyone has one they don't use before buying a new one! Cheers James
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    Meopta rangefinder binoculars

    Has anyone had any experience with these, used liecia, and a ziess monocular and am very tempted to get a pair as I like their scopes but haven't heard much about these? Any help much appreciated
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    Wanted: Contessa rail and rings to fit sako 243

    A long shot but does anyone have one I could burrow to try and see if my photon will zero as I'm not sure if I need a 0, 10 , or 20 moa if not any advice would be great cheers . James
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    Mounting a photon 6.5x50 on to a sako L579 action?

    Anyone got one mounted? Do i have to fit a weaver type rail to get her on there? Thanks james
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    rl19 instead of n550

    these have very similar burn rate do you think i could use rl19 as an alternative so long as i start with a slightly reduced load? any advice would be good thanks
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    spotted a muntjac about 200y away from my boundry last night! never seen any on this patch before,just wondering if they will have a negative impact on the roe population,what do you think? not sure weather to shoot any that i see or let them establish abit? cheers
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    does anyone here have any experience with this cartridge for foxing? read a bit on th web about it and mostly about coyotes. i know barrel life will be quite short but just wondered what its like? cheers :???:
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    kimber 84m

    Hello all, has any used a kimber rifle? seem to get some good reviews in sporting rifle,gun mart, but some bad ones on websites from the US just wondered if anyone has any experience with them?
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    any one used newer meopro scope? have an old 7x50 which is very good but cross hair is very fine perfect in light but at dusk can be hard to see?
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    ruger no 1 trigger

    anyone got any ideas how i can reduce trigger pull on my hornet? theres no creep but its pretty heavy! also has anyone free floated one of these, how hard is it to do? cheers james
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    L579 rebuild?

    old sako 243 is finally worn out :cry:. ordered new 243 but would like to rebuild old rifle in new caliber, any ideas?
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    hampshire new member

    hello all stalking,vermin,game,gun-dogs,ferrets,rugby,farming enjoyed. Read lots of interesting stuff on here and wanted to ask a few opinions,cheers James