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    Looking for a working Terrier

    Hi All, Looking for a working terrier at a fair price , young enough to still have a bit of go and preferably a bitch Lake/ jack/ patterdale. No luck looking elsewhere and thought someone here may have something.
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    S4 Gear Lockdown X

    Hi, Does anyone know of a supplier for these in the UK, I had a client with this on his binos last week and was really impressed, but they only seem to be on the market in the states?
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    Black Red deer Calf

    Just wondering if any of the red deer men had ever encountered a black calf before, its not just a minor colour difference it looks like a little hind calf and except for a few white dapples its completely black.
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    Zeiss Bino lens coatings

    Just out of interest how many regular users of Zeiss rangefinder binos have had the coating on the glass go wrong within a year and sent them back and got a three hundred pound bill and a new set by return. I know now of three stalkers in the north who have had exactly the same problem, one is...
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    Darting Deer

    Hi, Could someone give me the chapter and verse on what is required to get a dart gun and to access immobilon. Thanks
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    Hill Trailer for quad

    Just wondering if anyone has a JMT or similar hill trailer for sale or trade would it need to be able to dismantle and fit under the quad. Thanks
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    Bow hunting and Buffalo trip

    Hi Guys, Looking for a good outfitter to take five hunters to shoot a Cape Buffalo each and the hunt some plains game with a bow, all the bow hunters are experenced and shoot well. Ideal time would be early June. Thanks
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    Hi Just trying this for the first time, full time stalker on the west coast for 30+ years. I Do a bit of bird shooting and have recently taken up Bow hunting in the USA and Africa.:cool: