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  1. Rangefinder

    Changing position of gun cabinet

    a lot of utter tosh talked here. There is no need to inform them of a change of location that is unless, you place it where it can be seen by visitors and / or passers by to your property and you fail to apply a little common sense to their security. Lets not forget, those amongst us who...
  2. Rangefinder

    Talc Puffer

    Interestingly, I was told, when the guy on the other end had stopped laughing too, if its not used and changed, the old stuff is sold to dog food manf. Its used to bulk out the food or so I was told.
  3. Rangefinder

    Talc Puffer

    Vicks nasal spray bottle. Mrs saw it on the stairs one day when my jacket was being washed, shoved it up her nose and squeezed for all she was worth........ Managed to stop laughing just long enough to call the manf of the powder to make sure it was completely inert and harmless as the powder...
  4. Rangefinder

    Wanted: Gambrel And Hoist Kit

    All sorted now chaps Thanks Paul
  5. Rangefinder

    Wanted: Gambrel And Hoist Kit

    Anyone got one of those Cabela type kits knocking about they don't use collecting dust? You know the type; Rope two pulleys and a gambrel. I'm after one, but if all you have is the pulleys that's fine too. Thanks RF
  6. Rangefinder

    For Sale: Coca Cola Fridge

    Apologies fellas work has taken off that means i'm barely home right now and so I've no choice but to withdraw it from sale for now. sorry to everyone for the inconvenience RF
  7. Rangefinder

    For Sale: Coca Cola Fridge

    Chaps thanks for the interest. As the weather is so bad I'll be in contact in time of reply order soon as. thanks RF
  8. Rangefinder

    For Sale: Coca Cola Fridge

    I have for sale my fridge used for chilling and hanging deer and other game. Modified without damaging or altering its construction. Chills nicely to 4C. I still have the shelving which is ideal for putting rabbits, pigeon and pheasant on to chill. Reason for sale, not getting the use now my...
  9. Rangefinder

    Vacancy: Estate ranger

    You have my envy. I wanted to be a Gamekeeper from leaving school but life and fate sent me a different journey. You have to me the idyllic lifestyle congratulations
  10. Rangefinder

    Savings To Be Had

    Hope it works out for you; just took a look and according to the recent Barclays security advice it looks like the site is not secure and the "About us" page is very poorly written. Shame as the prices were too good to be true aswell.
  11. Rangefinder

    How do I lamp rabbits?

    Sadly LL is out of stock on quite a few items and is not replying to emails. Anyone recommend an alternative?
  12. Rangefinder

    Wanted: Limulus Sticks

    Thanks for all the replies chaps. I'm now sorted thanks again
  13. Rangefinder

    Wanted: Limulus Sticks

    Looking for a set of Limulus sticks to suit someone 6'2" that you're not using please
  14. Rangefinder

    Sold: Quad sticks

    Is there a sizing guide for these sticks? I'm 6'2" and wondering if they will fit me?
  15. Rangefinder

    2nd Spot check in 9 month

    Then speak to your FA Mngr and request they don't turn up all spammed up!!
  16. Rangefinder

    Help diagnose accuracy problem Heym sr21

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: Amen to that
  17. Rangefinder

    Wanted: Large ammo safe wanted

    Are you wanting this Ging?
  18. Rangefinder

    Wanted: Large ammo safe wanted

    Piccy's and dimensions sent
  19. Rangefinder

    Wanted: Large ammo safe wanted

    Think I might have something you might like. PM me a mobile number and I'll WhatsApp you some pictures.
  20. Rangefinder

    Rifle and Optic Insurance

    Mine have traditionally been insured via NFU but following a claim, not firearm or ancillary related I will never deal with NFU again, appalling service, so I am looking for an alternative shortly. I have been giving it some thought and as my voluntary excess is £500 I've decided that insuring...