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  1. J

    For Sale: Full decoying kit

    12 flocked enforcer deeks and slotted bag. 12 x shells 12 x springs Slotted bag to keep in. 10 x flocked crows and slotted bag (one of the stands has broken, but it still has stick to stand it) Rotary with enforcer flying pigeons. Camo net and 4 x heavy duty Jack Pike poles. Brand new unused...
  2. J

    For Sale: Decoying gear!!

    No this is not an ironic post. I do have every faith something will be sorted out and we can get back out decoying soon. I have some well used kit. A rotary which one of the legs that goes into the ground is a bit bent, with some flappy birds, they were decent ones but a bit knackered now. some...
  3. J

    For Sale: Trailcam spypoint ir8

    8 mega pixel camera. Video and photo. Strap buckle has broken, so I was tying it on. Bungee would work. £80 posted
  4. J

    West Mercia 1 4 1

    Well. This took them less than a week to process. Fantastic service. When it seems some departments are working below par, even with the merger of some very large areas these guys seem to have got better.
  5. J

    Rimfire Magic

    Well I rang these guys today to make some enquiries. What a lovely telephone conversation. The lady I spoke to, I didn't get her name, was helpful, informative and amusing no BS just straight forward. I don't often enjoy telephone calls but this was great. A refreshing chat.
  6. J

    For Sale: .243 ammunition

    1 x full new box of 100gr gameheads (full rounds not bullets) Approx 9 of the same So 29 full rounds! At least 47 70 gr ppu. A few loose 100gr ppu, possibly another box of 20 100 gr ppu once I search the cabinet!! All full rounds. £40 collected. Just outside Rosson Wye Edited cos my mate is...
  7. J

    For Sale: Tikka t3 .243

    I'm the second owner having bought this off here. It is a rebarreled t3. Sassen varmint barrel, grs stock. I have had it Ceracoated FDE by tactical coatings awesome paint job. I bought it having done 950ish rounds. I have put about 200 through, it still has loads left. 3 round groups max. In...
  8. J

    Available: Rabbiting

    Pm me if you want to go rabbiting in Herefordshire. Helps if you are local and can go at short notice. I tend to be quite busy, so its more of a come with me when I can get out, just a chance if you dont have a lot of permission. Rimfire only really. It will be walking and lamping, unless you...
  9. J

    Sold: Gralloching knife

    440c steel unused, just replaced with another...I actually don't know why!! £125 posted. Nice shape, razor sharp
  10. J

    Sold: Vanguard porta-aim and deben bipod

    Vanguard porta aim hardly used £35 posted as per Vanguard Porta Aim Gun Rest Deben swivel/tilt bipod 9-12" £30 posted.
  11. J

    For Sale: Couple of knives

    Eka swingblade Good condition £40 posted Citadel Damascus hunter. Really nice knife, handmade in Cambodia by craftsman. Steel is quality. I paid a fair bit for this. £90 posted
  12. J

    Sold: Bushnell elite 6500 and sunranger

    Bushnell elite 2.5 - 16 x 50 good condition, no box. £300 Clive ward sunranger ruby ir. £80 Prices include delivery
  13. J

    For Sale: Clive ward sunranger with ruby ir pill

    As above. Had little use. £85 posted
  14. J

    For Sale: Harkila Mountaon GTX size 11

    Well used, but sturdy. Plenty of grip left on sole. I have had no issues with these. One of the lace hooks is slightly bent but not a real problem. £50 posted
  15. J

    Vegan bbq ideas?

    So, I have the vegan sister in law over tomorrow ruining an otherwise lovely bbq....i said vegan..."I do eat my mothers eggs"...yes one of those... So i am not clamouring to look up ideas and am thinking eat the salad, i will make a potato salad with mayonnaise to test her already defunct...
  16. J

    Suggestions for my summer holiday in France

    I am packi g the car and driving over to the dordoigne to visit friends who have just relocated to france Having never really driven or been to much outside of Calais I am looking for any recomendations of places to go. We are going to spread the journey down over 3 days and can basically...
  17. J

    New Heym SR30

    I am now looki g into getting a straight pull and have looked at Blaser as there are plenty about. My local gunshop has an old sr30 in at the minute it looks and feels very nice, however I saw something on Facebook about a new SR30 coming out. I know Heym arent massive over here, but was...
  18. J

    Wanted: Trail cam

    Anyone got anything they want to move on?
  19. J

    British guy who fought against IS is now being charged with terrorism offence

    So, a very public face of the fight against IS. I saw the documentary he was in. He now faces the British legal system for being in a place where acts of terrorism were prepared in or such like. I'm sure many empathised with the actions of him and others who went out to do something in the...
  20. J

    For Sale: bits and bobs

    Harris ultralite 12-23 solid base £50 posted Acme duck call £5 posted Evo torch 50mm ir pill £25 posted Clive Ward T67 red led £35 posted. I tried to add a photo, unsuccessfully. Can send pics via email/whatsap PayPal gift preferred.