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    Young lad

    This young 'en stood watching me for ages while I farted around trying to get my phone to focus through my bins. HTC desire + Minox 10x42 :lol: This is the same shot without the bins...
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    Long follow up due to snow.

    I've just taken delivery of my 7mm08, I wanted to keep things simple and cheap with this rifle, no moderator and factory ammo but the cost and low selection of ammo was prohibitive. Anyway I managed to pick up some well priced Lee Pace Setter dies and some cheap .308 brass (a lot cheaper than...
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    Prvi 140 grn 7mm BC

    Anyone know the BC of the 140grn 7mm bullets used in the 7mm08 ammo?Muchas Gracias...
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    Removing RG crimped primers

    Is there an easy way to do this without snapping the pin in my die? Got a few hundred to do
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    Infinity Tyres?

    Can't stretch to General Grabbers so thought these might be a good bargain. Anyone using Infinity Inf200 tyres on their 4wd? Are they any good? Cheers
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    6.5x55 or 7mm08

    I am looking to replace my Ackley with a 'budget' do it all stalking rifle that will fill my needs without emptying my pocket. I would be very lucky to shoot anything other than Roe and my opportunity for getting out is narrow at the moment so I don't need anything super dooper. I have found...
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    Anyone ditched their rimfire for a small cal CF?

    As per the title, has anyone moved on their rimmy and replaced it with a small cf, say .17 rem/FB or Hornet etc? I'm just wondering if, as a reloader, the cost is that much more than a HMR but with big gains to be had on range/fps etc. Cheers TT
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    RCBS - Excellent customer service

    The collet on my RCBS kinetic hammer finally gave up the ghost and no longer holds the cartridge head so is now useless. Looking for a replacement I emailed RCBS to see if they could point me in the right direction for a supplier in the UK. I got a reply the next day, "I've ordered that for...
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    Soft top on a Jimny - Worth the hassle?

    Or is there any hassle? Any pros and cons from the learned forum membership please?
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    Dogs and full time jobs

    I could've done with a dog out with me at the weekend so think it is about time I did something about it. I have contemplated trying to train my existing pooch to track blood but although I think I would make some headway I don't think an 11 year old Staffie is the right 'man' for the job...
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    Joint name

    What is the name of the joint just above the rear foot of a roe (ankle). Had a swolled one tonight and want the correct name for my records. Thanks TT
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    Partial sizing

    Not done this before so would appreciate any experience based advice. When partial sizing ackley fireformed brass with a FL die what is the rule of thumb for setting the die up short? I could of course fl size every time as the dies are customised to match the chamber but am looking at partial...
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    Recommend me a lightweight moderator

    Hi all I've just had a new barrel fitted and want to do away with my T8 mod as I find it unballances the rifle and being a slip of a lad I want to keep weight to a minimum. I currently have a T8 (as stated) and a Northstar and both are, to me, on the heavy side. My intention is to shoot...
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    velvet heads

    What's the general consensus for mounting heads that have been shot in velvet? Strip and clean as normal then get the potassium permangonate, out or can they be mounted in velvet? I presume there would be a smell attached to the latter :D
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    Best £100 bins

    Chaps, I'm after some bins for my Dad's birthday. The price limit is £100 and I was wondering if there was a common general concensus on what might be a good buy in this range. What do you reckon? Cheers Steve
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    Roe Grazing

    I drove past one of my permissions this morning on the way to work and noticed two Roe. The field was drilled with winter barley, but due to flooding and then the big freeze etc it has been a bit of a late starter and it currently at about 4-6" growth. My question is will Roe graze on this or...
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    Bone Saw

    I am on the verge of buying a breast bone saw as I can't get on with the thing I got from Bush Wear. I like the look of the Jager Sport / David Stretton pull saw so this is top of the shopping list. My question is are they one and the same or is one better than the other as there is £10...
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    Another intro

    Hello to all on the Stalking Directory. I've been skulking around in the background for a while but only managed to register with this great and informative site today. I've been shooting for quite a few years now but only moved into the stalking scene early this year when I got myself a...