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  1. Mink advice

    Checked the trail cam this morning and found a pair of mink running round by the pond. any recommendations for removal of said mink? Make of traps,advice, ect photo not as good as video thanks David
  2. Thank you Sam Austin

    I bought a Lee press from Sam Austin, He needed to send the primer arms and they got lost by Hermes. Sam as a decent and honourable chap ordered me new ones and had then shipped direct. Just a post to say thank you Sam David
  3. barrel length and burn times

    Off shopping tomorrow. looking at powders for my T3 .223 20" barrel. planning on loading 50Gr Ballistic tip. I know they shop does not have any N133 but has other powders. Since reading about reloading I have notice that people talk about burn times and unspent powder leaving the barrel or...
  4. Sold: Lee challenger press sorted

    Anyone got a lee challenger press for sale?
  5. Thinking of reloading is this any good

    I am shooting a Tikka .223 and thinking of starting to reload. never do it before so clueless. I have been offered this. Question other than the die sets being the wrong size is there anything useful in the collection. thanks David
  6. Wanted: T3 magazine .223

    Anyone got .223 t3 mag for sale? Thanks
  7. scope for add on with simple reticle

    Advice please. I see that Hawke scopes are popular with night vision addons, as well as MTC scopes but I just want a simple reticle. Needs to be easy to see. Any thought or recommendations please. Budget as cheap as possible going on a .223 thanks David
  8. which .223

    certificate has arrived. what should I get? Just had my update certificate and know have a slot for a .223 and a .17 Hornet I think I should get a .223 as it will do all and more than I need. The question is new or used? Money is tight but what a rifle I will enjoy shooting. My CZ .17 HMR leave...
  9. Are Harris bipods the only option

    Looking for a bipod for my 17 HMR . I understand Harris are the go to bipods but are there other options? I think I want 9-13 swivel . Just find it hard to believe a bipod cost a third of a whole riffle.
  10. Wanted: Foxpro or Icotec fox caller with remote

    anyone have a electronic fox caller they not using and thinking of selling? Thanks now sorted thanks
  11. Looking for am electronic fox caller

    The time has come to get an electronic fox caller, the less expensive new ones are fixed sounds. In the real world have people added new calls once they have bought their programmable caller? also where is best to buy, happy with second hand or new. Havng read around it appears the foxpro...
  12. up date

    So about a year ago lost a few ducks to a local fox. Applied for to local force and they allowed me to have a 17 HMR. Managed to buy on off the forum but not done any real shooting with it. Trying to get out more but the weather is always windy and raining. Had a call from my wife the other week...
  13. .222 or .223

    Just applying for my Licence and need to put down the calibre on the form. Been to the local gun shop who said .222. He dismissed.22 hornet as limited amo and second hand guns do not come up often. After reading I understand it's a good calibre for what I want BUT reading around the subject .223...
  14. Hello

    Just to say hello. Currently applying for my Licence . Live in rural Wales on a 6 acre small holding. Been shooting with AA 410 with weaver 3-9x50 scope for some years. Currently having issue with loss of Ducks and Fox. Not wanting to buy another shot gun so looking for rifle. Most shooting at...